Govt. Money Revelations & Paranormal Journeys

Govt. Money Revelations & Paranormal Journeys


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsWalter Burien, Jessica Maxwell

In the first half of the show, former commodity trading advisor Walter Burien revealed the massive scope of government finance and investments, all funded by U.S. taxpayers, and argued for an alternative path without taxation. There are some 184,000 separate government entities in the US, each with their own assets, and "when you look at collective government, both federal and local, they've taken over the banking industry, the brokerage industry," and corporations that trade on the stock market are 60-85% owned by collective government, he claimed. The public is unaware of this, as there's been a total blackout of information about these collective totals for the last 65 years, he added.

Taxation should be phased out, as the truth is the government's annual investment income is greater than all annual taxation collected, Burien stated. The economic crash was staged with various players walking off with "truckloads of cash" before the balloon was deflated, he explained. States like California that report they're going broke are just trying to maintain this illusion in order to keep the public at bay, he offered. Burien's documentary, The Biggest Game in Town, can be viewed on Google Video.


In the latter portion of the program, writer Jessica Maxwell discussed her paranormal journey, which began when she had a vision of her recently deceased father in the sky that appeared like a holographic projection. Curiously, her sister had the same vision in a different part of the country. After this event, Jessica found she'd developed a kind of second sight, and over the last 16 years has had continual paranormal experiences. For instance, when she walks into old hotels, she has a kind of "dual vision" that allows her to see an overlay that includes spirits of the deceased.

She also talked about her encounters with light beings in her room. One was a gigantic red being, 4 ft. in diameter, that was slowly rotating. The being possessed intelligence and offered her comfort during a troubled time, she said. Maxwell also shared stories about some of her world travels, such as when she danced with Stephen Hawking in India, as well her work with spiritual mentor Lory Misel.



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