HostGeorge Knapp

GuestsRobert Lanza, David Paulides, Dr. Melba S. Ketchum

Everything dies - or so we've been told. Dr. Robert Lanza joined George Knapp in the first half of the show to talk about how death is not the final end most of us imagine. Building his argument on quantum science that shows particles' behavior is dependent upon the observer, and the theory that multiverses could exist in which every probability is played out, he suggested that space & time are simply observational tools of the mind. "Although our bodies are destined to self-destruct, the alive or me feeling is just a 20-watt fountain of energy operating in the brain," and this energy never dies, he said.

Because life has a non-linear dimensionality, without consciousness, space and time are nothing, and "when you's a reboot that leads to all the potentialities," including the past or future or any point of view, he continued. In this state, a person would still retain their sense of identity, but they wouldn't realize they were dead or rebooted—anymore than we would in our current condition, he commented.


In the latter half of the program, researcher David Paulides discussed some of the evidence and legends of Bigfoot. Forensic drawings made from witness testimony have shown remarkable similarities, he noted. Pictographs of Bigfoot-like creatures on rocks by Native Americans date back 1,500 years, and Elders have said that their ancestors revered them as "caretakers of the woods," Paulides reported. According to Native American lore, a person would be more likely to witness a Bigfoot if they were riding a horse, or hiding in a tree, because the human odor is up off the ground.

Among some of the best evidence for the creatures are dermal ridges found in footprints and hair samples left behind at sightings, said Paulides. Joining him in the last hour, Dr. Melba S. Ketchum reported on ongoing DNA testing of possible Bigfoot hair samples, some of which have a combination of human and animal attributes, and are considered anomalous or unknown. She and her team are in the process of preparing a peer reviewed paper that will reveal their complete findings.



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