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Creation & Ancient Origins

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Clairvoyant and historian Tricia McCannon and author Peter Canova talked about creation and the origin & destiny of humanity based on their synthesis of various mystical sources including Edgar Cayce, and the secret Judeo-Christian gospels, as well as the work of Zecharia Sitchin. What Sitchin did that was so brilliant, was he took ancient Sumerian creation stories that had become garbled and misinterpreted, and presented them not as cosmic metaphors but as descriptions of real physical events, McCannon noted. For instance, rather than a battle between gods, Sitchin suggested that the ancient writings referred to a collision of planets; when the Anunaki's Nibiru came toward Earth, it destroyed Tiamat, an early planet in our solar system. Possible evidence for this collision could be found in moon rocks that are much older than any on Earth, McCannon cited.

The ancient Indian Vedic writings talk about the appearance of four great leaders who come to Earth in a time of great darkness, and one of them was the Egyptian deity Thoth-- who created the ancient mystery schools, and was an enormous believer in the divinity of the soul that lies within humankind, she continued. Interestingly, Thoth was named by Cayce as one of the previous incarnations of Jesus. While Cayce was a devout Christian, his trance readings didn't always match the biblical stories, Canova noted. Gnostic writing from the Nag Hammadi scrolls, as well as the Cayce material "almost read like a prequel to the Book of Genesis in the Bible," covering spiritual events prior to the arrival of Adam & Eve, such as the exercising of free will creating the soul, said Canova.

The gnostic gospels refer to the Archons, strange beings said to have souls but not spirits who resided in the planetary spheres, which is similar to descriptions of the Babylonian gods, and the Annunaki, he continued. The ancients believed that the divine feminine was omnipresent and represented the material world-- Isis was known as "she of 10,000 names and 10,000 faces," McCannon detailed. Canova and McCannon will be presenting together at the "Creation Matrix 2012" event at the LAX Hilton in February. Further info at

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