Subtle Energies & Healing

Subtle Energies & Healing


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsDr. Claude Swanson, Russ Regan, Josh Tatum

MIT and Princeton trained physicist Dr. Claude Swanson discussed subtle forms of energy that provide scientific evidence for long-distance healing and other types of paranormal abilities. There is increasing acknowledgment that consciousness is intertwined with science, he said, adding that a "life force," or what the Chinese call chi, is an animating principle. This force could be considered the fabric of space-time; energy that is present in the vacuum at a very small scale, he continued. The Russians referred to this as the torsion field, composed of phitons, very small particles or waves that behave differently depending on their location in space.

Remote healers are often able to see a holographic image in their mind's eye of the person they're working on, and detect what part of the body is problematic, and effect a healing through the image. There is scientific data that shows this kind of healing takes place and is not psychosomatic, Swanson reported, and suggested the healings are manifesting through faster-than-light torsion-type particles. He also cited studies by Fritz-Albert Popp about biophotons, little pulses of light that our DNA molecules produce for communication and that govern health and metabolism. One of the big mysteries has been how does DNA know to act differently in different parts of the body, and Popp determined that the pulses act coherently to produce a holographic blueprint of the body.

Swanson visited crop circles in England, and found they give off subtle energies based on their patterns, which can create sacred feelings and perceptions. He also talked about the existence of parallel realities, and healers such as Richard Bartlett, whose Matrix Energetics technique taps into a different version of reality in which a person doesn't have their illness, in order to heal them in this reality. For more, check out a video presentation Dr. Swanson made at MUFON LA.

In Studio: Russ Regan & Josh Tatum

Appearing live in the studio, first hour guest, record promoter Russ Regan, who played a major role in the careers of Neil Diamond and Elton John, talked about his years in the business, and introduced his latest discovery, singer Josh Tatum. Regan began his career in the 1960s, when the Beach Boys were originally called The Pendletones, and it was he who suggested their name change. Tatum, a singer-songwriter, categorized his music as "alternative-soul-pop-rock," and said he chose not to go the American Idol route, because his musical identity is tied to the songs he writes.

News segment guests: Mitch Battros, Jim Berkland



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