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Surveillance & Harassment

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John B. Wells welcomed Roger Tolces, a private investigator specializing in electronic counter-measures, who discussed how surveillance and harassment has shifted from hardware to bio-coded directed energy as well as the various technologies currently being used to manipulate individuals. "The people that are attempting to control our minds and control everything really don't care about personal life when they want to get something done... nothing stands in the way," he said. Tolces suggested Aurora, Colorado shooter James Holmes may have been a black ops victim in a staged event meant to undermine the second amendment and advance gun control legislation. According to Tolces, this legislation is in direct conflict with the vision of the Founding Fathers who desired a nation of armed citizens as insurance against government tyranny.

James Holmes could have been a victim of a DNA-based form of mind control, he suggested. Tolces said he first learned about such a mind control technique after decoding secret Russian spy documents. Based on patented voice-to-skull (V2K) technology originally proposed to help the deaf hear, bio-coded directed energy is specifically tuned to an individual's DNA algorithm and can be used to make that person hear voices, he explained. These non-stop voices can go on for weeks at a time and ultimately drive a person to act on the psychologically defeating message, Tolces speculated. He claimed to have had clients who were victimized by this technology.

Tolces also commented on the NSA's new multi-billion dollar data center in Utah and provided some background as to why the facility was constructed. In the wake of 9/11, President Bush allowed NSA supercomputers at Fort Meade to tap into major telecom providers to monitor communications, he said. The Fort Meade location eventually ran out of power so construction on a new facility began, Tolces continued. "Every phone call that you make, every email that you send, every text message, all that information now is going into the supercomputers in this new location," he warned. Bank statements, credit card purchases, stock market accounts, IRS tax filings, medical records, and passport/travel information will also be stored and data mined there, he added. This is a massive fourth amendment violation and will likely be used to control people in power, Tolces contended.


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