Past Lives & Healing

Past Lives & Healing


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsDr. Brian Weiss, Charles Shults III

One of the world's foremost authorities on past-life regression therapy, Dr. Brian Weiss, discussed incredible true stories of miracles and healings occurring after past live regressions, as well as how this tool can be used to improve our lives, evolve spiritually, and ultimately understand that there is no need to fear death. A traditionally trained psychiatrist, Weiss was initially astonished when one of his patients began recalling past-life traumas that seemed to hold the key to her phobias and anxieties. He subsequently developed a hypnosis technique of 10-15 minutes of progressive relaxation that gently sets people up to revisit their previous lives. About 80% of his patients that have undergone this technique do recall past lives, he reported.

Among the cases he cited that involved healing, was a woman who had severe psoriasis. She recalled a previous life where she was burned as a witch during the Inquisition. "She'd been bound and tied to the stake with rope, particularly around her legs where her psoriasis was the worst." After she emotionally recalled the incident, her psoriasis condition completely disappeared, even though she'd been plagued by it for many years, he said. A similar case involved a radiologist who had chronic back pain that he needed to take medication to control. After his hypnosis, in which he remembered being lanced in the back during a Middle Ages battle, his back pain disappeared and has never returned, Weiss stated.

The process of remembering seems to have some kind of healing or clearing effect, for physical as well as psychological problems, he noted. "Some of it is just realizing, 'oh this happened before, it's of the past, not the future,'" and they stop worrying about a certain phobia or problem, he explained. Weiss also mentioned cases of xenoglossy, when people speak languages that are unknown to them, such as when he worked with a Chinese woman and her translator. The woman didn't know English, but began to speak it fluently when she was regressed to a past life in America in the 19th century. Another fascinating incident involved twin 3-year-olds in Manhattan who spoke a private language. The parents took them to a linguist who informed them that their children were speaking Aramaic, a mostly extinct language they would have had no way of learning.

Science Updates

First hour guest, aerospace and defense systems developer Sir Charles Shults shared various science updates. He spoke about the idea that we could be living in a simulation of the universe. Such a notion isn't entirely out of the question, he commented, pointing toward the increasingly sophisticated computer models and video games developed in the last few years. "It doesn't take a lot of imagination to think that if we were to take a step toward quantum computing, we could make those games so realistic, they could compete with reality," he said. Shults also talked about advances in self-driving or robotic cars, dissolvable electronics that can be injected into the body, the space elevator, and 4-D crystals.

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