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Distressing NDEs

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In the latter half, Nancy Evans Bush talked about her distressing Near Death Experience, and shared stories of others who've had similar NDEs without a white glowing light of love. In her NDE, which took place in the early 1960s while anesthetized during the delivery of her second child, she was shot out into space. There, she saw black & white circles that began telepathically communicating to her. Their message to her was "you don't exist and you never did exist...Your life was a joke. Earth was a joke and you were allowed to believe it was real, but it never was real. And this is what there is-- just this big empty space." She argued passionately with the beings to confirm the validity of her existence. Upon her return from this annihilating experience, she kept quiet for years, until she began working for an organization that studies NDEs.

One's emotional response to an NDE varies from person to person, she reported. According to her studies, 1 out of 5 people who have NDEs are distressed by them. Many of these people are terrified even under pleasant heaven-like circumstances, because they've been pulled out of their bodies. Regarding her type of NDE, she noted that someone with a Buddhist perspective might not be so disarmed to find themselves in a featureless void.

A minority of distressing NDEs involve people finding themselves in a hell-like environment, which can be hot or cold, and have a bleak landscape. Rather than demonic entities, experiencers typically describe seeing shadowy, psychologically menacing somber-looking people, whose faces are either obscured or without features, Evans Bush detailed. People that return from hellish NDEs often turn to religion to seek out solutions or changes, she noted.

Investigating a UFO Photo

In the second hour, Mark Allin and Jeff Ritzmann from Above Top Secret discussed the authenticity of a UFO photo (see below) taken by a professional photographer from Germany while she was vacationing in Crete. Ritzmann, a photo analyst, described what looks like a lopsided disc or dome in the image, and determined that it was symmetrical in nature, which rules out a floating object like a balloon, or a bird. The amount of atmospheric hazing indicates the object is some distance away and of substantial size, he continued. Allin added that a friend of his in law enforcement ran the photo in a proprietary software program, and determined that it had not been digitally altered.

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Pictured is the UFO photo taken by a German photographer vacationing in Greece, discussed by George Knapp and guests on the 9/30/12 show. An enlargement of the UFO is placed in the right hand corner. For more on the photo, see this thread from Above Top Secret.

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