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Date Host John B. Wells
Guests Gerald Celente

John B. Wells was joined by trends analyst Gerald Celente for a discussion on politically hot issues and what he sees on the horizon for the United States. Regarding immigration, he identified the National Association of Manufacturers as the force behind the pro-immigration movement. According to Celente, the influx of undocumented immigrants and their exploitation by manufacturers, like Microsoft, has driven down wages in that sector of the economy. He corrected those who believe the economy was ruined by capitalism run amuck, instead blaming the fascistic mentality of 'to big to fail' which allowed the state to bail out private financial institutions and corporations.

In light of the Boston Marathon tragedy, Celente reported on a disturbing trend he sees as parts of the country become battlefields (in the war on terror) where military control replaces civilian rule. The National Defense Authorization Act has effectively stripped Americans of their 5th and 6th Amendment rights, he explained, noting how police conducted warrantless door-to-door searches, trains were stopped, and airspace closed down after the bombing. "When one kid loses his mind we all suffer for it... we lose our constitutional rights," he said. Celente wondered what would have happened had it been a dirty bomb or biological warfare, decrying the government's trend to suspend citizens rights for national security and the media's complicity in this loss of rights.

Celente forecasted a continued rise in the price of gold spurred by increasing international demand and disclosed that he is a personal investor in the precious metal because of the debasement of U.S. currency. Commenting further on the economy, Celente noted how record low interest rates and pumping money into the system have had little effect. "There's no getting out of this economic downturn... everything they have done has failed," he stated. Celente also shared a story about politician John Connally, former Governor of Texas and Secretary of the Treasury under President Richard M. Nixon, who told him that if he and the American people really knew what was going on behind the scenes, there would be a revolution.

Open Lines followed in the final hour.



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