Gerald Celente

Gerald Celente


As the founder of the Trends Research Institute, Gerald Celente is well respected for his track record of picking business, consumer, political, and economic trends before they come to pass. It is his job to see the future and understand how the issues and events of today will determine the trends of tomorrow.



Past Shows:

  • Trends & Current Events / Benefits of AI & Robotics

    Gerald Celente offered commentary on trends and current events. Followed by Prof. Peter Cochrane on the promise of AI and robotics.More »
  • Trend Forecasting / Space & Cosmology

    Gerald Celente shared trends on the horizon, and offered commentary on the pandemic. Followed by David Darling reporting on space discoveries and cosmology.More »
  • Trends for 2020 / UFO & Alien Encounters

    Gerald Celente shared trends and predictions for 2020. Followed by Tim Swartz with unusual UFO and alien encounter cases.More »
  • American Trends / Shapeshifters

    Gerald Celente made predictions about world politics.John Kachuba discussed the legends and lore of shapeshifters.More »
  • Trends 2019 / Unleashing Spiritual Truths

    Gerald Celente discussed emerging trends for 2019. Followed by Erin Fall Haskell on discovering one's spiritual truths.More »
  • American Trends/ Nevada Time Warp

    Gerald Celente outlined trends he sees for America. Followed by Joshua P. Warren on his recent discovery of an apparent "time warp."More »
  • Trends for 2018/ Spirit Photography

    Gerald Celente discussed the emerging trends for 2018. Followed by Shannon Taggart on photographing the paranormal.More »
  • Trend Forecasting/ Watchers & Book of Enoch

    Gerald Celente discussed the major trends unfolding for the US and the economy. Followed by Michael Heiser on the Watchers and the book of Enoch.More »
  • Future Trends & Election Upheaval

    The founder and Director of the Trends Research Institute, Gerald Celente, joined Connie Willis (email /YouTube channel) to talk about what he sees on the horizon for the United States. He described his predictions for Tuesday's election results. In the first hour,...More »
  • Dearly Departed Special III

    For over 23 years, Coast to Coast AM has been host to some of the bravest, and most innovative and informed experts. George Noory played and commented on six different interviews from former guests in the C2C family that are no longer with us, yet whose legacies and ideas live...More »
  • Trends in 2016/ Open Lines

    In the first half of the show, founder and director of the Trends Research Institute, Gerald Celente, talked about what he sees on the horizon for the United States, and the major trends emerging for 2016. Midweek Open Lines followed in the latter half.More »
  • Effects of Electromagnetic Fields/ Trends & Current Events

    In the first half, medical journalist Katie Singer was joined by Dr. Victoria Dunckley to discuss how electromagnetic fields, like Wi-Fi and mobile phone networks, may be related to various psychological and physical issues, especially in children. In the latter half,...More »
  • Trends Report/ Afterlife Research

    In the first half, founder and director of the Trends Research Institute, Gerald Celente, offered reports and analysis of what he sees on the horizon for the economy, the United States, and various world situations. In the latter half, author and filmmaker Rich Martini...More »
  • Trends for 2015

    In the first half, business consultant and financial writer George Ure shared his analysis of the economy, and social trends for the year 2015. One trend he sees continuing this year he called "Digital Anarchy." In the latter half, trends analyst Gerald Celente talked about...More »
  • Economy Roundtable

    This special panel discussion on the economy and related topics featured investment advisor Catherine Austin Fitts, trends analyst Gerald Celente, and consultant George Ure. Currently, the financial system is still being pumped with cheap money, such as $45 billion a month in...More »
  • 2014 Trends/ Bible Prophecy

    In the first half, trends analyst Gerald Celente joined George Noory to talk about economic trends for 2014. One of the big trends for the new year is what he calls the "self sufficiency economy." In the second half, theologian and historian from the University of...More »
  • Flying Humanoids & Cryptozoology

    Cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard discussed his research into mythical creatures as well as tangible evidence for flying humanoids such as Mothman and their connection to UFOs, curses, and tragedies. First hour guest, trends analyst Gerald Celente offered commentary on Syria and...More »
  • Annunaki Secret History

    Scientist and researcher Michael Tellinger discussed the mysterious Anunnaki, as well as evidence in support of Zecharia Sitchin's revolutionary work showing that these ET beings created us using pieces of their own DNA, in order to mine gold on Earth for them. First hour...More »
  • Trends Research

    John B. Wells was joined by trends analyst Gerald Celente for a discussion on politically hot issues and what he sees on the horizon for the United States. Open Lines followed in the final hour.More »
  • Paranormal Expeditions

    Adventurer and explorer of the haunted and unknown, Josh Gates, discussed his travels to over 93 countries exploring how mysterious creatures and hauntings are a worldwide phenomena. In the first hour, trends analyst Gerald Celente talked about a news report concerning a...More »
  • Predictions Special 2013

    Coast to Coast AM kicked off the New Year with our traditional look at the year ahead with four different types of prognosticators, appearing in separate one-hour segments: Trends analyst Gerald Celente, psychic Joe Jacobs, prophecy expert John Hogue, and astrologer Linda...More »
  • Trend Tracking

    Trends analyst Gerald Celente regularly provides business and industry with customized presentations and commissioned research studies in over 300 trend categories. He joined John B. Wells to talk about what he sees on the horizon for the United States.More »
  • Natl. Def. Authorization Act Special

    In a special program, George Noory was joined by Linda Moulton Howe to interview various guests (Jonathan Emord, David Seaman, Tyrel Ventura, & Gerald Celente) about the National Defense Authorization Act, which many consider to be a curtailing of US citizens' rights &...More »
  • Trends for 2012

    Filling in for George, Rob Simone (email) welcomed trends analyst Gerald Celente for a conversation about what he foresees as the major trends for 2012. First hour guest, author and researcher Nick Redfern talked about top secret facilities around the world such as Area 51,...More »
  • Forecasting 2011

    In the first half, professional astrologer Linda Schurman shared her predictions for 2011 and beyond. A new cycle starting in March will encourage people to "wake up and take command over their lives," she said. In the latter half, trends analyst Gerald Celente discussed some of...More »
  • Covert Projects & Underground Bases

    Researcher Richard Sauder discussed the black budget world of super-secret & underground projects, as well as his involvement in the peace movement. First hour guest, trends analyst Gerald Celente shared forecasts.More »
  • 2012 & Metaphysical Evolution

    A student of spirituality, Xenethon, discussed interpretations of 2012, as well as ideas related to metaphysical evolution. First hour guest, trends analyst Gerald Celente commented on the so-called economic recovery.More »
  • Mind Control & One World Order

    Fred Bell spoke about his recent work on how an "evil" emergence and one-world government has manipulated the population via mind control and other methods. We've seen attacks on the banking and education systems, as well as decreases in mental health and moral values, he said. ...More »
  • Economic Forecast 2010

    Ian Punnett welcomed experts in finance and the economy, including Gerald Celente, Joseph Meyer, Catherine Austin Fitts, and Robert Chapman, to discuss the outlook in 2010 for markets, commodities, and the U.S. Dollar.More »
  • Mothman: Theories & Reports

    Filmmaker and paranormal researcher Travis Shortt discussed his extensive research into the Mothman sightings. During the evening, filmmaker Charlie McCracken and author L.A. Marzullijoined the conversation. First hour guest, trends analyst Gerald Celente offered commentary...More »
  • Mind Viruses & Genetics

    Renowned author Dr. Wayne Dyer and foremost authority in bridging science and spirit Dr. Bruce Lipton discussed how genes and DNA do not control our body, and how MEMES, or mind viruses, are infecting our population. In the first hour, trends analyst Gerald Celente offered...More »
  • Secret Door VIII

    Three surprise guests made their way through the "Secret Door" to talk with George Noory: R. Gary Patterson who touched on a number of mysteries in the rock 'n' roll world, practicing witch Fiona Horne, and Dr. Roger Leir, who shared an update on his work with alien...More »
  • Tales of a Paranormalist

    Involved with the paranormal from an early age, author Timothy Green Beckley shared details of UFO encounters, and stories from his life and career. As a teenager, he created one of the first UFO periodicals, which he collated together with mimeographed sheets. Later, he merged...More »
  • The Global Conspiracy

    Author and lecturer David Icke returned for a discussion on his work revealing the Global Conspiracy. "Fear is the four letter word that controls the world," he said, outlining how an elite transnational group at the top of a pyramid of control, secretly pulls the strings.More »
  • Crop Circles, Oceans, ETs & UFOs

    Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe presented reports on the Barbury Castle pattern, ocean acidity, an abductee's account of non-human technologies, and the U.K's recent UFO flap. She interviewed astrophysicist Mike Reed about the Barbury Castle pattern in a barley field...More »
  • Trends for 2004

    Founder of the Trends Research Institute, Gerald Celente, talked about the economy in 2004, clean food trends, the terrorism outlook, and a multitude of other issues.More »

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