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In this special program, astrologers Mark Lerner and Mitchell Lewis offered their interpretations, forecasts and predictions. Appearing during the first half, Lerner shared his study of the situation in Syria, which he analyzed by looking at the chart of Syria's leader Bashar al-Assad who was born when Uranus, Pluto and the sun formed a conjunction. This places him as a central figure in world events right now, he explained. While the chemical weapons crisis in Syria has been unfolding, the current zodiacal pattern of the planets is very similar to what it was in October 1962 when the Cuban missile crisis took place, he noted.

The comet ISON, heading toward the Sun and Earth, will be at its closest in November, during the sign of Sagittarius. The comet was discovered in Russia, and may reflect how Russia has been taking center stage in world events of late, he suggested. The world will face an enormous challenge as January 1, 2014 begins with a Sun-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn – the most exact union of the enlightening solar life-force and the outer planet of the underworld in the last 248 years. Pluto can represent "the darker, mysterious secretive forces. Some of which can be powerful for the good, for catharsis, and purification for humanity. But often they represent things like terror, and atomic nuclear fears," he detailed.

In the second half, Mitchell Scott Lewis also referenced the squaring of Pluto and Uranus which will continue until 2016. This is a powerful configuration that affects the financial markets, and relates to America's chaotic government, he said. On April 20, 2014, the Pluto-Uranus square will be squared by Jupiter and Mars, creating a grand cross that sets up a great amount of energy. "What really catches my attention is that it falls directly on America's sun," and there's a correlation in a number of people's charts at this time, he outlined. Jupiter can blow things out of proportion, and Pluto rules plutonium and energy, so around April 20th there "could be an event involving either a nuclear plant or a pipeline or maybe a terrible spill. But this looks more like a terrorist attack," he cautioned.

This October, there's a Saturn/Neptune conjunction, and we may see some trouble in the stock market, he commented. In 2016, as the Pluto/Uranus conjunction ends, we should be headed into a bull market, he forecast. While it's too early to make solid presidential predictions, he noted that while Hillary Clinton's chart looks strong for 2016, Jeb Bush's does not.

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