Friday the 13th, Evil Entities & Open Lines

Friday the 13th, Evil Entities & Open Lines


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsHelene Olsen, Open Lines

In the first half of Friday's program, psychic medium Helene Olsen, a licensed reader in Salem, Massachusetts, discussed Friday the 13th, negative energy, evil entities and angels. According to Olsen, bad luck became permanently associated with Friday the 13th sometime in the 1800s, after centuries of negative energy had been projected on to the day. The universe is a neutral place where thoughts create energy and intent, she explained, adding "if you're thinking Friday the 13th is going to be terrible... you might have a couple of problems and then you'll attribute it to [that day]." There is, however, nothing to fear about the day, she said.

Olsen described the energy of her hometown of Salem as concentrated and irritating, pointing out that some places on Earth have ley lines or energy nodes that are negative. Salem has more than its share of negativity, she observed, noting how the city's energy has been imprinted by its grim history and large psychic population, as well as by tourists who bring in their own dark energy. The openness there creates an energy field which can be used for good or evil, Olsen continued. Some people really enjoy living in Salem because of this open energy, while others end up moving away because of the vibrations there, she remarked.

Olsen shared how her third eye opened giving her the ability to interact with angelic beings. One day out of the blue my deceased aunt began talking to me in a supermarket, she recalled. Olsen said the experience was overwhelming at first and caused her to think something was wrong with her mind. Shortly after flocks of angels began showing up and instructing her about negative energy and how it is actually attracted to positive energy, she said. Although negative energies are powerful and some evil entities can cause physical harm, Olsen revealed that there is nothing to fear from them. She suggested listeners sit and prayerful meditation and light a candle to defend against harmful energy.


George hosted a special Friday the 13th Open Lines for the remainder of the show. Theresa in Wisconsin recounted what she believes were childhood visions in which angels, and even Satan himself, appeared next to her deceased father. She recounted the unforgettable day when her father's spirit appeared alongside her grandfather. The next day she discovered he had passed away. James from Los Angeles shared his unique Friday the 13th coincidence. James explained that when he was 14 years old he fractured his femur. Later, in his twenties, he was involved in a frightening traffic accident. According to James, the two incidents happened on Friday the 13th and 13 years apart. George also offered a line for callers who wanted to phone in about the massive flooding in Boulder, Colorado. Joy described the flooding there as epic and biblical. The river usually runs at five to eight feet this time of year but it is at 31 feet presently, she reported. Joy said her family has been evacuated.


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