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Date Host George Knapp
Guests Alejandro Rojas, John Ventre

George Knapp delved into all things UFO beginning in the first hour with an update on his now-infamous Area 51 interview with Bob Lazar, from 25 years ago, and played audio clips from a new conversation he had with the legendary UFO whistleblower.

In the second hour, he was joined by UFO researcher Alejandro Rojas, who discussed an Air Force disinformation campaign that was orchestrated in the late 1980's. Rojas recounted how, in 1989, an Air Force special agent named Richard Doty provided hoaxed documents concerning UFO 'secrets,' including the existence of MJ-12, to select researchers. Unfortunately, he lamented, many of the false concepts 'revealed' in the documents took hold in UFO lore and are still believed to be factual by some members of the research community. Despite admissions from Doty, in later years, that he performed this hoaxing operation, it remains a mystery as to whether or not he was working alone or at the behest of the Air Force, which continues to deny involvement in the scheme.

During the latter half of the program, John Ventre, PA MUFON Director, talked about UFOs and the media as well as how ETs may be the missing link in human evolution. He recalled investigating a pair of intriguing cases in Pennsylvania that received promising, albeit comical, local media coverage. The interest in the cases resulted in Ventre appearing, alongside skeptic Joe Nickell, on the Anderson Cooper daytime talk show. Despite feeling "really good" after taping the appearance, Ventre was aghast when the program actually aired because his informed rebuttals to Nickell as well as the audience support for his argument had been edited out of the show. When he asked the producers of the program why the edits were made, they claimed the cuts were made for time reasons.

Regarding human evolution and ETs, Ventre argued that the presence of 226 genes that are unique to humans suggests some form of genetic tinkering having been done in our distant past. He also noted that, despite being 96% similar to humans, chimpanzees have only 200 diseases and deformities while humans have six thousand. "We have that number because we have the DNA of two species in us," Ventre contended, marveling that "we are so far off from the evolutionary tree" when compared to other species. He also theorized that this genetic manipulation has been an ongoing process undertaken by extraterrestrials and that the ET interest in human genetics may be the cause behind the vast amount of people that mysteriously vanish every year.



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