Sonja Grace

Sonja Grace


For over thirty years, author and mystic healer, Sonja Grace has been offering her clients, both in the United States and abroad, immediate stability, clarity, and guidance. Through her healing, counseling and spiritual processing, Sonja has a wide variety of talent to choose from in which she accesses her ability to channel and communicate with the divine. She sees and receives messages from loved ones who have crossed over and offers a venue for healing in this world and the spirit world. Her ability to read and clear the karmic threads to past lives helps clients heal lifetimes of patterns.

Sonja is an energy surgeon and helps clients to identify where the discomfort is in the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual bodies. She provides medical scans and defies time and space with her energy medicine, etheric clearing, structural and cellular healing work helping the client to transform their energy, chakras, auric field, as well as the physical body in all systems. Sonja is able to execute all levels of her work from a distance and over the phone.

In another area of expertise Sonja’s extensive work with animals brings both client and pet to the forefront. She communicates with them for clarity and understanding for the owner and veterinarian. She has worked with a wide variety of pets both here and the spirit realm. Many people contact Sonja to simply get in touch with a pet or relative that has crossed over.



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