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Robotics & AI / Ancient Anomalies

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In the first half, author and entrepreneur Eric Schiffer discussed his concerns about the surge in the use of robotic technology as well as AI (artificial intelligence). "While there's a great opportunity for society, there's also tremendous dangers when you get a level of software encoded intelligence that has the ability to be self-aware and to think," he commented. Elon Musk has voiced unease about the possibilities of AI going awry, and so that he can stay in the loop, he's invested in a company that is working to simulate the brain's neo-cortex, Schiffer reported. As a society, we have the duty to harness AI in a way that keeps it under control, and benefits humankind, he continued.

He also talked about Facebook's purchase of Oculus, a virtual reality company. This technology may eventually allow people to virtually share peak experiences such as sporting events and concerts with friends in different locations, or visit virtually with a top therapist. In the near future, Schiffer foresees phone applications that plan your day in a far better and concise manner, as well as understand you in a deeper way, and can enhance and improve the quality of your life.


In the latter half, international explorer, archaeologist and expert in ancient mysteries, Jonathan Gray, updated various discoveries which don't match current academic beliefs, and are being suppressed. There are legends in Amazon tribes, as well as ancient India and Egypt, that sound waves were used to move heavy blocks into walls. According to Gray, there was a Chinese expedition to North America around 2000 BC, and a survey document which describes various geographic features, local plants, and animals, including "picking up black opals and gold nuggets in what is obviously Nevada, and watching the seals sporting on the rocks in San Francisco Bay."

Gray spoke about how a Chinese fleet was incinerated at sea off of New Zealand. A fleet left China in 1421 with 100 ships and 28,000 passengers. Some of these ships set out to visit outposts in the south part of New Zealand when a huge comet struck the sea less than 100 miles away from the ships, and set them on fire. He touched on a 1909 report of alleged artifacts and a tunnel of rooms found in the Grand Canyon, as well as how there are three miles of tunnel systems running from the Sphinx to the three pyramids at Giza. Gray also addressed such topics as giants, huge birds, anomalous bullet holes found in ancient objects, and Rotuma, an island in the Pacific known as the "Land of Tombstones."

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