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GMO Controversies / Invisible UFOs & Frequencies

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In the first half, author and consumer activist Jeffrey Smith discussed the breaking news surrounding the debate around GMO (genetically engineered) crops and foods and their potential health hazards. While Vermont is the first state in the US to pass a labeling bill requiring foods to list GMO ingredients, they were recently sued by Monsanto and the Grocery Manufacturers Association, who challenged the law's constitutionality. Vermont's Gov. Peter Shumlin has announced the creation of a crowdfunding website to raise funds against the lawsuit, Smith detailed. In other news, the USDA announced that genetically engineered wheat escaped a field trial in the Western US, and it could possibly contaminate non-GMO crops, he noted.

There are non-GMO methods to maximize yields and feed the world's hungry, but they don't provide money to the industrial agricultural giants that sell the fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and genetically engineered feeds, and control the advertising market in the US for their products, he remarked. According to Smith, he's talked to hundreds of people who've had symptoms such as gastrointestinal problems go away or get better when they've switched to a non-GMO diet. Recent GMO studies include one of pigs in Australia who were fed genetically modified food and ended up with inflamed, ulcerated stomachs (the researcher was attacked and is having trouble continuing the work), and a study in Moscow that found by the third generation of hamsters being fed GMO soy, they'd become sterile and had birth defects, he cited. For more, check out a video presentation from Smith on the historic GMO Conference held in China in July, 2014.


In the latter half, scientist, filmmaker, and spiritual explorer David Sereda spoke about invisible UFOs which vibrate at different frequencies, and sound waves and tones, and their relation to human consciousness. He said he uses frequency transmission technology to tune himself and connect with beings from other star systems. These beings told him to get his camera, put it on a tripod, point it at the sun and set the shutter to the highest speed possible 1/8000th of a second. Sereda did this, and later when looking at the footage at his editing bay, he saw high frequency UFOs going across the surface of the sun (view related video). These UFOs may have at one time been physical beings who evolved into higher frequency light forms, he suggested.

Sereda also talked about various lost and esoteric musical tones, scales, and frequencies (related video). He found a 10-tone scale inside the Great Pyramid which he said can shift consciousness and offer health benefits. Conversely, HAARP-like technologies and chemtrails are being used to make the atmosphere more frequency conductive, he said, and these effects can harm and damage the astral plane-- an electrical subtle energy field that surrounds the planet.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, James Sanders, Lauren Weinstein


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A new invisibility cloak developed at the University of Rochester uses a simplified four-lens system that bends light around objects. The so-called "Rochester Cloak" makes an object appear transparent so that you can see the background behind it. Further details here.

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