Ebola & ISIS / Weird American History

Ebola & ISIS / Weird American History


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsCraig Hulet, Robert Schneck

In the first half, analyst Craig Hulet commented on current events including Ebola, ISIS, & the economy. Regarding conspiracy theories such as the US govt. patented an Ebola victim's blood as a resource, or developed Ebola as a man-made disease, Hulet didn't find any evidence to back up these assertions. He did uncover that pharmaceutical companies actually have a vaccine for Ebola fever but there wasn't enough interest in it from a "business standpoint" to treat people in Africa. The companies will likely introduce the vaccine when the disease has become a crisis in western countries because they can maximize profits at that point, he suggested.

The peculiar thing about ISIS is that the group didn't really exist until they were given a name, he said. "The first phase of the ISIS bombing in Syria just happened to coincidentally take out Assad's refinery," which fits in with the US agenda, without having to be held responsible for it, he remarked, adding that ISIS is using American weapons that were left behind by troops. Hulet believes that ISIS "is a fake terror threat used to justify bombing in Syria and Iraq...the deployment of US troops again in Kuwait, Iraq, and Syria...and to reestablish a Pentagon footprint in these regions."


In the latter half, author and researcher Robert Damon Schneck shared forgotten, weird, grotesque, and mysterious gems of American history including stories of Ouija board séances, Bigfoot, blood-swilling health fanatics, poltergeists and clowns abducting children. He recounted the bizarre case of Mrs. Wakeman-- a woman from Connecticut in the mid-19th century who claimed that her husband had killed her and that when she went to heaven God told her she was to be sent back as a prophetess. Mrs. Wakeman acquired a group of followers, and believed that the existence of the universe depended on her being alive but that the Antichrist was always trying to kill her.

Schneck spoke about the case of Cloretta Starks Robertson, a young Protestant black girl who developed stigmata-like bleeding when she was in the 5th grade in 1972. He detailed the strange practices of the Samaritans, a 19th century cult that visited slaughterhouses to drink raw blood from just killed animals, as a way to strengthen themselves. Shneck also delved into Ouija board hysteria that took place in El Cerrito, CA in 1920, and a 19th century sideshow exhibitor named Dr. Dedge who screwed horns to men’s heads and presented them as wild-men.

News segment guests: Dr. Gary Ridenour, Howard Bloom



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