Conscious Awakenings / Open Lines

Hosted byDave Schrader

Conscious Awakenings / Open Lines

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Filling in for George, host Dave Schrader (email) welcomed Miriam Knight, founder of New Consciousness Review, for a discussion on transcendent experiences—moments of grace when 'the infinite' touches people's lives and leaves them never the same again. "It's everything from understanding that we're interdimensional beings and connected to each other to understanding that we're responsible for our own lives, that we're not victims," Knight explained. There are different ways of awakening and various approaches for doing something with that awakened state," she added. According to Knight, this conscious awakening is happening around the world and transforming people from every walk of life into healers, teachers, philanthropists and passionate advocates for good causes.

"As much as it is a conscious awakening, it's an awakening of consciousness, awakening to the primacy of consciousness in creating reality," she continued. Knight spoke about the importance of being informed by nature and pushing aside the world's noise to hear that 'still small voice' within which connects us to the universal. "If you get a negative message, you know that it's not coming from god," she suggested. The universe organizes itself to help those who surrender to it, Knight noted. She shared some accounts (from her book What Wags the World) of people who have experienced transformational conscious awakenings, including former Navy commander turned medium Suzanne Giesemann and author Anita Moorjani, who claims to have been healed from cancer after returning from a near death experience.


The final two hours of the show were devoted to Open Lines. Several callers shared their insights into conscious awakenings. Tim in Lake Tahoe, California, discussed his own transforming experience initiated by reading the Edgar Cayce story presented in Many Mansions by Gina Cerminara. Tim described picturing a hallway with infinite doors that all opened to the possibility of something more in the universe. "As a kid you realize love is this thing and why are people not going there," he said. Terry from Louisville, Kentucky, recalled a nighttime occurrence in which he awakens after falling asleep to find himself floating, as in space, in a greenish purple-colored environment. Dave suggested alien visitation/abduction as a possibility. Brian in Seattle, Washington, told Dave about his ability to interact with divinity on demand and facilitate the communications coming through to him. Dave confirmed the message of unconditional love as a goal for humanity.

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