Healing Guidance / Divine Intervention

Healing Guidance / Divine Intervention


HostDave Schrader

GuestsMary Treacy O'Keefe, Daniel Fazzina

In the first half, Dave Schrader (email) welcomed integrative healing expert Mary Treacy O'Keefe who discussed how people can live more fully by paying attention, reflecting, asking for guidance, and saying ''yes'' to events they believe are "meant to be." Such "meant to be" moments are when you feel guided, comforted, or helped in some way, often during times when you are suffering from a loss, and these situations can involve intuition, synchronicity, and nature. One of the first such incidents that O'Keefe encountered was over 40 years ago when she repeatedly heard an inner message or voice telling her to get out of the parked car she and her boyfriend were sitting in. They did, and shortly afterward a drunk driver smashed into the vehicle and sent it careening.

She determined that such messages not only come from within her but something greater-- a spiritual component. One of the ways to recognize or heed such moments is if a coincidence or synchronicity happens three times, as well as the messages or moments having a quality of certainty about them, she noted. On occasion, she continued, what seems like a detour ends up being the path you're meant to be on, and interestingly, depression can sometimes be alleviated by doing things for other people. O'Keefe also talked about her work with hospice patients and dying relatives, and some of the comforting spiritual moments they experienced.


In the latter half, Daniel Fazzina shared miraculous stories of healing, recovery, and divine intervention as experienced by people all over the world. A miracle is something that can't really be explained outside of a divine or supernatural source, and can take all different forms, he said. Fazzina himself experienced several medical miracles, including an instantaneous physical healing from ongoing back pain during a prayer meeting. At the age of 27, he was also completely healed from inoperable lymphatic cancer using a combination of western and alternative medicine, and prayer.

His friend Joshua was shot between the eyes at point blank range, and after prayer, the bullet was found to have migrated to the back of his neck without affecting his brain, he recounted. Fazzina also shared a story about his mother in the 1970s, who repeatedly heard an inner voice telling her to go and check grandma's house. At the time, there was a massive rainstorm, but when they got to the unoccupied summer bungalow nothing seemed to be amiss. However, as they were getting ready to leave, suddenly lightning hit the house next door and set it on fire, and if they hadn't been there to call the fire dept. both houses could have burned down. For more, check out this video featuring tales of divine intervention.



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