Psychic Detective Work

Psychic Detective Work


HostDave Schrader

GuestsNoreen Renier, Zak Bagans

Dave Schrader (email) welcomed the only psychic ever to lecture at the FBI Academy, Noreen Renier, who has assisted law-enforcement officials all over the world, working on more than 400 criminal cases. She discussed the moment she discovered her psychic abilities, practice of psychometry (object reading), and how she turned her remarkable abilities into a career as a psychic criminal profiler. Renier recounted the time she was asked to help find a serial rapist. "I was able to see the rapist, what he looked like, and that he had been in prison before," she said, noting the assailant stuttered and limped when he walked. After the rapist was caught the police verified that he had a stutter and walked with a limp, she added.

Renier described how she helped with murder investigations over the phone simply by holding objects from the victims. "Homicide was easy because the energy of the killer was there," she explained, noting how there are always very strong emotions associated with murder cases. Renier said she not only feels the pain of the victim as they are killed but sometimes can experience the crime from a perpetrator's point of view. During one case she recalled washing her hands in a sink, seeing blood swirl down the drain, and then looking up into a mirror to see the murderer staring back. According to Renier, she described what she saw to a forensic sketch artist and it allowed the police to catch the murderer.

The Demon House

In the first hour, paranormal investigator Zak Bagans talked about his TV show Ghost Adventures and new book, I Am Haunted. Bagans commented on a recent Ghost Adventures episode "Demons in Seattle," in which he and Dave Schrader investigate alleged demonic activity at a house in Bothell, Washington. The resident claimed an entity was wreaking havoc in his home by burning Bibles, throwing objects, and writing demonic symbols on the walls, Bagans reported. The investigation turned up nothing through Bagans revealed how he had felt a dark energy during a confrontation with the home's female resident. Bagans spoke about the toll interacting with spirits is taking on him, as well as a house in Indiana that is infested by demons. "It's the most amazing documentation of paranormal events and demonic possession that I've ever investigated in my entire life," he revealed.



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