Afterlife Communication/ Paranormal Devices/ UFOs & Presidents

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Afterlife Communication/ Paranormal Devices/ UFOs & Presidents

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Dave Schrader (email) was joined in the first hour by University of Arizona professor Gary Schwartz, who discussed his research in afterlife communication—his laboratory is attempting to measure the energy of spirit under controlled circumstances through what he is calling a "soul phone." Schwartz outlined his hypothesis that living systems emit photons which, like the light from distant stars, continue on long after the star has ceased to exist. He explained how to design a system to communicate with the other side by tuning in to a particular kind of energy that is natural for spirits. "I am now convinced that this is a real phenomenon and that technology can be developed which will eventually be as reliable as a cell phone," he predicted.

In the second hour, robotics engineer Bill Chappell talked about the paranormal technology he's developed that is changing the way hauntings are investigated. "I wanted to take the human out of the equation," he said about his Digital Dowsing equipment. Though he has witnessed a full-body apparition of a woman at Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Chappell admitted to being a skeptic and suggested we influence and generate most of the so-called paranormal things we experience, including EVPs. Chappell spoke about the development of this "SLS" camera and how it has apparently mapped a figure sitting in a chair that was not visible to the human eye. "You can see this thing turn in the chair and it literally like grabs and puts its hand all the way up my arm," he disclosed.

In the latter half of the program, UFO researcher Larry Holcombe revealed the secret history of UFOs and the corresponding presidential administrations, from the 1940s to the present. "The early presidents—Truman, Eisenhower—certainly were deeply involved in the UFO issue," Holcombe said, noting how control over UFOs slowly slipped away from the executive branch and into the hands of the intelligence community and military-industrial complex after the Washington, DC UFO flap. During the summer of 1952 UFOs were seen from the ground and on radar over the nation's capitol, which ultimately resulted in the Robertson Panel's recommendation to debunk UFOs to the population, he added.

Holcombe reported on the 1942 Los Angeles Air Raid, in which 1600 rounds of ammunition were fired into the sky at what many UFOlogists believe was an alien spacecraft. Documents from General George Marshall President to Roosevelt indicate the military had recovered "a craft that had no bearing on the conventional," Holcombe explained, pointing out that a similar craft had also been recovered from the San Bernardino mountains. "They appeared to be vehicles that were not constructed on this planet," he said. Holcombe also spoke about authenticating government UFO documents and the time when Senator Barry Goldwater was denied access to an alleged secret UFO room at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, as well as the 1941 Cape Girardeau UFO crash and subsequent retrieval of dead humanoid beings inside.

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