USO Sightings

USO Sightings


HostGeorge Knapp

GuestsPreston Dennett, Mark Allin

UFO researcher Preston Dennett spoke about how the Southern California coast is one of the world's leading producers of undersea USO (Unidentified Submersible Object) activity. The reports of objects that move in and out of the water, in ways that defy current human technology, stretch back to the late 1940's and continue to this day, and there's been many sightings, and hundreds of witnesses, he said. One of the first reports was of an underwater mass spotted in Northern California in the 1940s which was causing problems for ships to navigate around. The mass was tracked moving down to Southern California. An incident in 1954 involved a Japanese steamship, in which crew members saw a "fireball" hit the water, and then rise back out of the water, he cited

Dennett presented some of the startling evidence regarding USO activity in the Santa Catalina Channel off the Southern California coast. There was reportedly an incident of pilots flying a plane over Catalina Island, when they saw a USO on the water-- it struck the plane with a beam of light, and one of the pilots was abducted, while the other was killed when their plane crashed, he recounted. A case in the 1980s, investigated by Bill Hamilton, involved dozens of USOs, some above the water, others below, moving in tandem. Underwater locations offer places to hide, or even bases, for craft that don't want to be detected, Dennett commented.

There was an incident in Topanga Canyon on June 14, 1992, when hundreds of UFOs were seen on one night-- witnesses said many of the objects came up from the ocean area, Dennett said. Another case he detailed involved a couple sailing in Florida who saw green beams of light under their boat, about 100 ft. down. An object stayed underneath them for a couple minutes shooting out the beam, before quickly darting off. Dennett also discussed UFO incidents, particularly from the state of Nevada, involving test flights and military.

'Roswell Slides' Controversy

First hour guest, Mark Allin with Above Top Secret addressed the 'Roswell' slides controversy. The slides are now generally considered to be a mummified human child based on the de-blurring of the text in the placard in the image. Allin further noted that a woman in an A-line dress from the 1950s can be seen in the background of the photo, as well as another oddity in an enclosed display with a different placard. Jaime Maussan, who publicized the photo, now concedes that while it could be from a museum exhibit, he still believes the body has certain anomalies that suggest it's not human, George Knapp reported.



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George Knapp and B.B. King are pictured backstage in 1999 at the House of Blues Las Vegas, just after one of his performances. Knapp met him several times, interviewing him for TV stories twice. King lived in Las Vegas and used to park his tour bus right outside Channel 8, so the KLAS news team would see him from time to time.

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