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In the first half, founder and director of the Trends Research Institute, Gerald Celente, offered reports and analysis of what he sees on the horizon for the economy, the United States, and various world situations. In Greece, the bailout deal that is being pushed through is worse than the one the population voted against. It's sad news that the country that was once the cradle of democracy is now essentially giving up their sovereign rites, he commented. And, down the road if other countries in the EU rebel against the euro, we could see some major destabilization, he added.

Regarding current destabilization, one of the top trends to be aware of is migration, he said. Thousands are flowing out of such places as Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, and Afghanistan and seeking asylum in Europe from their war-torn countries. Back in the US, "one of the biggest hidden trends that no one is talking about is artful aging," he remarked. Many baby boomers in their sixties and beyond want to age gracefully, and there could be a lot of entrepreneurial opportunities related to that, Celente suggested. He also spoke about why he is bullish on the price of gold, which he eventually sees rising to over $2000 an ounce.


In the latter half, author and filmmaker Rich Martini discussed his research into the afterlife, including near death cases and between-life hypnotherapy sessions. He's particularly impressed by cases where people access "new information" that they didn't know beforehand. For instance, in Eben Alexander's NDE he is given a guided tour of the "Flipside" (afterlife realm) by a woman he's never met. Later, the family that put him up for adoption shared a picture of his deceased sister (whom he wasn't aware of) and he recognized her as the woman from his NDE. Martini had his own such incident during communications from his deceased father who mentioned six names to tell his mother of people he was hanging out with on the Flipside. While Martini didn't know the names, his mother recognized them as his old friends from WWII.

Interestingly, a criminal attorney told Martini that her clients, who have been brought up on manslaughter and 2nd degree murder charges, say they've been visited by their victims either in dreams or as manifestations in the room. The deceased victims all say relatively the same thing to the people who killed them by accident: "I'm OK. I can help you." Martini also talked about the experience people share between lives, and how they are reunited with their soul groups. Soul groups sometimes incarnate together to work on specific purposes or premises as a way to learn and evolve, he explained.

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