Economic Predictions/ Communing with Archangels

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Economic Predictions/ Communing with Archangels

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Long-time stock market analyst Joe Meyer accurately predicted a major economic downturn on C2C in the boom year of 2004. In the first half of the show, he shared what he sees on the horizon for the rest of 2016 and beyond. While stocks are at their all time high, he views the economic recovery as an illusion. Yet, he sees the Dow going up even higher to 20,000 and the S&P reaching 2350, during the period leading into the elections in November. Historically, markets head downward after a presidential election, he noted. "I think we're going to see significantly higher oil prices," steadily rising up over the next year, he added.

If we enter another recession/depression, it could be especially problematic, as the feds don't have any room to lower the interest rate any further, he cited. Meyer continues to be bullish on gold and silver, and advocates that people diversify their investments into various allocations, such as precious metals, cash, and stocks in utilities and consumer staples. He believes the housing market is still over valued, and also expressed concern over the safety of IRA and 401k retirement funds, which contain a mind boggling $23 trillion.


Belinda Womack worked as a scientist on cutting edge stem cell research looking for cures for pediatric cancer. But she left her life in the laboratory to focus on a spiritual path communicating with the 12 archangels. In the latter half, she recounted her story of the dramatic shift in her life, as well as the history of the archangels, and how we can all tap into their wisdom and guidance. While working at the lab 25 years ago, Womack had an angelic encounter, in which she found herself transported into a stone room with a dirt floor. There was a golden light coming through the open ceiling, and in the light, the archangel Gabriel appeared. He spoke to her telepathically, and said "Belinda, we are calling you to do a new kind of work."

This led her to become a spiritual messenger, communicating with the archangels. "They are here to help us to remember how to choose love, and to change our lives by focusing on higher vibrational thoughts," she explained. The arc in archangel means to build a bridge, such as between heaven and Earth, she pointed out. The archangels say our planet is a school and we're here to remember how to work with the energy of love, and evolve further. The 12 archangels are with us all the time, whether we believe in them or not, Womack remarked, adding that they have different personalities. Interestingly, they appear to her in a variety of ways such as colors accompanied by beautiful sounds.

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