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Author and filmmaker Rich Martini discussed his research into near-death experiences (NDEs) and the afterlife, a place he calls the flipside. People who have experienced NDEs or been under deep hypnosis occasionally provide information which they could not have known, Martini explained. "The information is coming from somewhere else," he added. Martini recounted a personal story about encountering his deceased father, who told him who else was with him on the flipside, including six men he had never heard about. Martini later learned from his mother those six were his father's friends who had died during World War II. "None of them were names that I had any access to," he said.

It is difficult for those on the flipside to reach through and make contact with the loved ones they have left behind, Martini continued. The departed always receive our messages but usually cannot respond immediately because everyone is tuned differently, he revealed. When they finally make contact, it may be in a dream or through a friend, Martini suggested. He reported on a husband and wife who set up a secret code word (yellow bubble) which one of them could use from the flipside to prove life after death. A friend called a year after one of them had passed away and told the surviving spouse the correct code word, he noted.

Martini spoke about reincarnation, describing physical life as taking place on a theater stage while life on the flipside occurs backstage. He pointed to numerous cases where clients under hypnosis identify the afterlife as going home. Martini shared details from his own between-life sessions where each time he was able to visit his deceased friend, American film and television actress Luana Anders. He also provided an update on his investigation into the disappearance of Amelia Earhart, who he claimed has proven to him from the flipside that his research is accurate, and has presented new information that has subsequently been validated.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the show. Brad in Angels Camp, California, told George he sensed the death of his pet while it was in the care of at a veterinary facility. "I had this dream... a beaver came up to me and told me that [my dog] Sasquatch had been impaled on a beaver dam," he said, noting he called the animal clinic after he awoke to discover his pet had died within the hour. Brad also shared a similar experience with a cat he felt at the moment it passed away.

Cheryl from San Antonio recommended against regression therapy for individuals who feel a strong bond with a partner or spouse. "[My boyfriend and I] did and we broke up because we found out that he was my son in my previous life," she said. Dennis in Idaho talked about discarnate spirits and entering a sleep paralysis state for astral travel. According to Dennis, one must be in the sleep paralysis state in order to achieve the vibration to detach from the body. "Everything is thought world then, and you think something and it happens," he said.

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