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Healthy Diet / Controlled Remote Viewing

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For years now, we've been told to avoid carbohydrates, particularly foods high in starch. But what if everything we’ve heard was backwards? Cutting through the smoke and mirrors of the diet industry, physician and nutrition expert Dr. Dr. John A. McDougall joined Connie Willis (email) in the first half to discuss what he considers the healthiest diet. "I had parents who believed that the most important nutrients for me as a child, and the rest our family, were protein and calcium... They didn't know any better, but of course that's thanks to the meat and dairy industry," he said.

McDougall provided a brief personal history of his own health issues, including a stroke at 18 years old, which he blamed on the rich Western diet. He credited his time as a doctor on a sugar plantation in Hawaii with teaching him about the role nutrition in good health. Plantation workers who got away from traditional diets, typically heavy in rice, were more prone to obesity and sickness, he revealed. They lost their immunity to obesity and heart disease, and breast and prostate cancer within three generations because they changed from a diet that was 90 percent rice to a diet that was high in calcium and protein," McDougall said.

"When people lived on rice and potatoes and corn, like the Mayans and Aztecs, they were warriors, they were athletic, they had no obesity, they had no heart disease, they had no diabetes, they had no breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer," he continued. McDougall pointed to archeological studies that showed ancient gladiators were vegan, eating a diet of barley and beans in order to remain in the best physical shape for fighting. History also shows that the ruling classes, who ate an animal-based diet, were plagued with health issues, he disclosed.


In the second half of the show, Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) expert Lori Williams reported an a recent 2-week 'Jedi' summit that took remote viewers deeper than they've ever gone before, including the targeting of a squadron that disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle back in the 1950s. Williams outlined the beginning of the U.S. government's psychic spying program, based on remote viewing protocols developed by Stanford Research Institute and Ingo Swann. These protocols help separate imagination from intuitive information, she explained, noting how CRV is predicated on premise that we are connected to a cosmic database. "Think of CRV as a draw organizer for your brain, your mind, a way to organize all those thoughts," Williams said.

Williams revealed what she saw while remote viewing Mars. A circle of obelisks used for transmitting and receiving led her into the presence of three turquoise blue beings who expressed love and concern about Earth. According to Williams, five other viewers have had identical experiences when targeting Mars. "It looks like there was definitely a society... that was no longer there," she suggested. Williams disclosed what viewers at her summit saw when targeting the dark side of the moon. "They all find [alien] mining operations on the dark side of the moon," she said, adding some also saw an underground base run by human beings. An advanced viewer also saw a base in another dimension when targeting the Bermuda Triangle, where ships and planes from the past, present, and future, were located, Williams added.

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