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In the first half, author, editor, and literary agent, Doug Abrams, the founder and president of Idea Architects, discussed his friendship and interactions with the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, whom he recently collaborated with for "The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World." Abrams views the Dalia Lama and Tutu as two of the most joyful people on the planet, even though they both have undergone much suffering and tribulations. Joy is an expansive concept-- Tutu said that "joy is bigger than happiness," as happiness is a more fleeting state dependent on external circumstances, while joy is an enduring quality that comes from the inside.

Even though he's been living in exile from his native Tibet for decades, the Dalai Lama has still been able to find joy meeting new people and having enriching experiences, and developing a kind of mental immunity as a way to repel negative emotions, Abrams cited. The emotion of fear puts people in a reactive state, and takes away their ability to be compassionate, Abrams continued, adding that according to scientific studies one can become happier by re-framing things more positively, practicing gratitude, and being kind. He also talked about Tutu's model of forgiveness, which is not condoning a crime or violation, but releasing the right of revenge, and freeing oneself from anger and hatred.


Debra Martin is a research medium certified by the University of Arizona. Sheri Getten's journey to becoming a healer started after she began having visions and dreams that healing people around the world was her life's calling. In the latter half, the two spoke about their healing sessions with clients, and communications with the Other Side, heaven, spirits, and the Higher Power they believe resides within each of us. While our body is a vehicle, the soul's purpose is to learn as much as we can on Earth, and to teach others what lies beyond the earthly plane, Martin explained.

Martin and Getten have also gotten involved in some law enforcement cases. In one extraordinary session, a woman came to Martin and Getten for a reading, wanting to connect with her deceased aunt. The aunt's spirit relayed to Martin that she'd been murdered in Peru (which the client didn't know), along with details of who killed her and why. The client subsequently went to Peru and had her aunt's body exhumed to show that it was murder, and eventually a man who'd been in a property dispute with her was convicted of the crime. In another reading, a woman was trying to find her son who'd gone missing in Germany, and Martin said a raven would help find him. The woman and her family traveled to Germany and were at the Rhine river, when they saw one raven, and then many more flying over them. Just one day later, their son's body was pulled from the river.

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