Biblical Prophecy/ Visions of the Afterlife

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Date Host George Noory
Guests Peter Kling, Roberta Grimes

In the first half, biblical scholar and scientist, Peter Kling, connected prophecies from the Bible, alien contact, and scientific discoveries, with what is playing out in the world today and in the future. Kling said he had an alien encounter at the age of 18, and was taken underground by hooded humanoids, and had his life threatened by them. "All of sudden, it seemed like I'm in the middle of a war with interdimensionals, because it seemed like there were some that wanted to put me out of their misery, and there's others that were keeping me alive," he said of this time period. Human DNA has been altered by aliens at various junctures, and according to the Book of Enoch, the hybrid beings known as the Nephilim or Watchers may have been over 50-ft. tall, he cited.

In the Book of Revelation, the passage about something like a burning mountain being thrown into the sea, and a third of the ocean filling with blood, he correlated with the Gulf oil disaster. Another Revelation passage refers to poisoned drinking water, which he suggested was the pollution after the Fukushima incident in Japan. "A star falls from heaven," leading to the opening of the pits of the Abyss-- this Revelation passage he believes could be related to an upcoming science experiment at the CERN laboratory. Further, Kling contended that the Antichrist is not a person but an organization of people that are against Christ.


Roberta Grimes, guest in the second half, spent decades studying nearly 200 years of afterlife evidence and has formed a detailed picture of what happens at and after death. People have forgotten that they are part of God, she explained, and negative events that happen to us are a way for us to grow spiritually. When we die, we are returning "home," and the dead tell us that the afterlife is a fun and enjoyable place, she added. She has learned a variety of information about the afterlife from her 11 spirit guides, one of whom is Thomas Jefferson, who told her that his incarnation as America's third president wasn't even his most important life. There is no devil or hell, Grimes remarked, and lower vibrating entities such as Shadow People are weak and have no real power.

At the time of death, it's like being freed from a boat anchor, and while you initially see a kind of fog, that soon lifts and you enter an Earth-like land of exquisite beauty, she outlined. There are beautiful colors you've never seen before, she continued, and the water is living and gives off music. The initial environment is a kind of rest & relaxation area-- a common reality created by advanced beings, and one of seven different levels, she reported. People can conjure different places and experiences just by thinking about them in this realm, she noted. Grimes also talked about how 2,000 years ago Jesus told us things about God, reality, and death which match the afterlife evidence she's uncovered.

News segment guests: Douglas Hagmann, Jerome Corsi

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