Weather Control & Bitcoin/ Magic Techniques

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Weather Control & Bitcoin/ Magic Techniques

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In the first half, maverick meteorologist Scott Stevens addressed the record breaking winter we just had and why he believes weather modification is linked to the economy and currency. He also detailed why he favors crypto currencies such as Bitcoin. By 2004, he came to believe what he was doing as a TV weatherman was almost futile, as his forecasts were increasingly off the mark. He realized that climate and storms were actually being manipulated and controlled via covert technology, such as chemtrails. The reason behind the control, he suggested, is for profit such as in the futures market and commodities that are affected by weather, as well as a kind of eco-terrorism applied to certain locations.

As an alternative to the Federal Reserve, central banking and fiat currency, Stevens is impressed with Bitcoin and other innovative currencies. This system hasn't been contaminated with the banking system, government, and the establishment, he noted. He anticipates up to five orders of magnitude of growth for Bitcoin and other crypto currencies, and currently has invested in Bitcoin for its potential for price appreciation. By changing our monetary system, he explained, it makes it more likely for new forms of energy, medicine, and technology to break out, and possibly make old systems (such as those run by big corporations) obsolete.


In the latter half, John Michael Greer, the author of more than 40 books on topics ranging from ceremonial magic and nature, spirituality, to peak oil and the future of industrial society, spoke about the history of hermetic magic and ritual, and ways to enhance one's existence. Practical magic, he outlined, is done to try and make your life easier, while high magic has a loftier goal of tapping into a higher consciousness and going beyond what is normally thought of as being human. Ritual is an important tool-- a kind of "poetry in a world of action" (according to occultist Ross Nichols) that works as a focusing agent for your mind, cited Greer. One way of thinking about magic is that it's getting into the program of mind, or how the mind operates, he explained.

Black magic or destructive intents will send negative energies into your own life as well as the person it's intended for, he cautioned, so it makes more sense to focus on the positive. He spoke about the landmark magic work of Eliphas Levi, a French master of occult philosophy. His 1854 book, The Doctrine and Ritual of High Magic, which Greer and Anthony Mikituk recently translated, was said to pave the way for later esoteric luminaries such as Madame Blavatsky. Interestingly, Greer pointed out that those of Christian orientation could use some of the biblical psalms for magical prayers with positive goals.

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