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Conspiracies & Control/ Investigating Spirits

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In the first half, alternative media activist and radio host Alex Jones discussed how he's been portrayed in the mainstream media in the last year, his connection to President Trump, as well as his take on the situation in North Korea, and the globalist agenda. Jones feels that his views on conspiracies surrounding such events as Sandy Hook, and 'Pizzagate' have been misrepresented, particularly in the TV interview he did with Megyn Kelly for NBC, in which he said they took some of his previous video or on-air comments out of context. Regarding the 2012 Sandy Hook elementary shooting, Jones stated that he never denied that some children were killed there, but did question some aspects of the story which indicated to him something was being covered up. And just because he has guests on his show that claim Sandy Hook was a "false flag" event staged to take away citizens' gun rights, doesn't mean he agrees with them 100%, he added.

Donald Trump appeared on Jones' show several times during the presidential campaign, as he was advised that the Infowars site and program had a huge outreach, Alex explained. Trump is being criticized for the North Korea crisis, but it's the previous administrations that have allowed the problem to fester, Jones continued, adding that the globalists are manipulating North Korea as a "set piece to draw us off the Middle East," and have given them missile secrets.


Acclaimed medium, paranormal investigator, writer and speaker, Chip Coffey talked about the world of the paranormal and his ability to sense spirits. One of the main reasons that deceased spirits decide to stay earthbound, he detailed, is that they have unfinished business, whereas those who've had a fairly decent life "complete the transition" and just come back to visit on occasion. One of the most frightening things he experienced was hearing a demonic-sounding guttural male voice come out of a three-year old girl on a case he was investigating for the Paranormal State TV series.

Having spent time at hospice centers, Coffey said he's been with people at the time of death, and has felt their energy shift from one state to another. When sensing spirits, some seem to be new to the spirit plane, while others are quite ancient, he noted. One of the most haunted places he's observed is the house that he grew up in, where the frequent phenomena included lights being turned on, single notes played on the piano, cold spots, and doors opening and closing. Their house, he revealed, was even investigated by a team from Cornell University, who recorded some very clear sounding EVPs.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, Paul Guercio

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