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Cyberwarfare & North Korea/ Bible Prophecy & Interpretation

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In the first half, Charles R. Smith, leading expert on cyber technology and implications on war, discussed the current situation with North Korea, as well as computers, hacking and the economy. In spite of the stepped up threats from both North Korea and President Trump, Smith does not foresee a military conflict at this time. North Korea, he cited, does not have the logistics to carry out much of an operation outside of a missile or artillery strike, and for the most part US naval operations are not in place for an attack. Both Kim and Trump are playing to their bases, he added, but North Korea really has done a lot more damage with their cyberwarfare than they've ever done with missiles.

The North Korean cyberwarfare units-- Bureau 121 and No. 91 Office, are part of the Reconnaissance General Bureau of North Korea's military, and have over 6,000 hackers, some of whom are based outside of North Korea, Smith reported. These units, he continued, have conducted major bank heists, such as breaking into a weak security system at the Bank of Bangladesh, and siphoning $81 million, and cycling it through casinos in the Philippines. Smith also offered commentary on companies such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google-- "They are not your friends," as they are in the business of making money off their users' personal information, and reselling it to marketers.

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Former US Marine, Michael Rood, dares to go where few have gone before to challenge long-standing traditions and man-made religious systems with his interpretation and rational understanding of the Hebrew Scriptures. In the latter half, he shared his perspectives on prophecy, and "end times." According to Rood, the prophecies in the Book of Revelation were relayed to John by Jesus himself, "so that his servants would know the things that would come to pass in the last days."

The Hebrew prophet Zechariah was shown visions by an angel, and Rood interprets his prophecy of "two mountains of glass" coming down as being about the Twin Towers 9-11 attack, which he considers to be the start of WWIII. One of Zechariah's descriptions is of a flying cylinder that will destroy entire buildings and leave behind a deadly residue-- Rood believes he was seeing a Scud missile. The upcoming eclipse on August 21st is a "great sign in the sky," leading up to a war in Israel on the "Day of Trumpets," September 21, 2017, which will last for 10 days, and culminate on Yom Kippur when the Almighty will be revealed along with the Ark of the Covenant, Rood stated.

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