Anomalous Archaeology/ Enigma of Gravity

Anomalous Archaeology/ Enigma of Gravity


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsMichael Cremo, Marcus Chown

Research pioneer and 'forbidden archaeologist' Michael Cremo is known for his anomalous findings about the antiquity of the human race. In the first half, he talked about ancient wisdom from India, and the cyclical nature of time, as well recent research into Neanderthals. Humans and Neanderthals have a lot more in common than was previously thought, he noted, and there are even some humans currently alive with the features associated with them such as large brow ridges. The fact that the two species were able to interbreed suggests Neanderthals were simply another human variant, he added.

There are a number of explanations for the idea that humans like us existed in the far distant past, up to millions of years ago. Some believe this relates to time travelers, ET beings, or just that humans evolved considerably earlier than has been shown, Cremo outlined. According to ancient wisdom traditions, time goes in vast cycles, and at certain points it seems that Earth is more in contact with other parts of the cosmos. Ancient Sanskrit texts refer to 400,000 human-like species scattered among various planetary systems, he cited, and beyond that, they say we're in a multi-dimensional cosmos.


Formerly a radio astronomer at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, Marcus Chown is currently the cosmology consultant for the weekly science magazine New Scientist. In the latter half, he talked about his latest work penetrating the enigma of gravity, and pondering some of the fascinating questions in science. He became intrigued by the paradoxes of gravity, which though it was first delineated by Isaac Newton way back in the 1600s, it remains the least understood force today. And, Chown noted, while it's a very weak force compared to such things as electromagnetism, on a vast scale-- that of planets, stars, and galaxies, gravity controls everything.

Gravity could be thought of as an "attractive force" between every form of matter, he explained, and the force gets weaker the further apart two masses are from each other. Einstein, he continued, showed that gravity didn't exist in the way that was previously understood, and that the sun warps or bends space-time around it, with gravitational waves produced by the disturbance. Interestingly, gravity cannot travel faster than the speed of light, he cited, so that if the sun were to disappear suddenly, the Earth would continue orbiting the sun for 8.5 minutes before realizing the sun was gone. The new quantum theory of gravity is attempting to describe the mysterious force through the principles of quantum mechanics, and suggests it may be caused by the exchange of theoretical particles called gravitons, Chown said.

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