2018 Predictions & Inspirations

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2018 Predictions & Inspirations

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George hosted his traditional New Year's day show joined by prognosticators for the year ahead. Psychic Joseph Jacobs kicked off the show, with his observations and predictions for 2018. Metaphysically speaking, 2018 will be about relationships both between people and nations, he said, explaining that new alliances may form, whereas old ones may dissipate. There will be new inventions, and concepts that will come to the forefront, he stated. May 2018 will be a rough month, he cited, as far as flooding and weather concerns worldwide, while January 29th through March 22nd could be a difficult period for the US regarding weather, and/or health issues. Between February 23rd and April 16th, both Pres. Trump and VP Pence will face legal issues, Jacobs continued. The stock market looks volatile from between February 2nd and March 26th, and could have problems between July 8th and August 29th, and later in the fall, he added.

In the second hour, professional astrologer in New York City for more than two decades, Mitchell Scott Lewis discussed critical transits happening in 2018 and how they may affect financial markets, climate, and geopolitics. We have three major planets that have moved into new signs or will soon, he detailed-- Jupiter went into Scorpio in November, Saturn went into Capricorn, and Uranus is entering Taurus in May, and these create changes for people on a personal level, as well as on a global scale. For instance, the Uranus in Taurus transit could indicate extreme volatility in the cryptocurrency market, and people may not be able to get their investment back at certain junctures. He also talked about how the great eclipse this past August was a harbinger for the ferocious hurricanes, and wildfires in California that came soon afterward.

Psychic and energetic healer Elizabeth Joyce looked into the new year with the help of her spirit guides, and the tool of automatic writing, and offered a number of specific predictions. 2018 is a monumental fated year, she believes, and will see a lot of turbulence with major earthquakes (the first being in the upper Pacific), shifts in government, and spiritual awakenings. We will see several attempted assassinations, she detailed, and the possible death of a world leader that could shake up the stock market in February, yet the market will recover and eventually rise past 35,000 this year. Joyce cited a slight change in the Earth's axis as being connected to the extreme weather we are experiencing. She also foresees a US warship sinking (most likely due to a nature-related cause), and two new justices coming to the US Supreme Court.

In the last hour, widely known voice of esoteric spirituality, Mitch Horowitz, shared ways to manifest luck, change, and prosperity in 2018. There is a sense, he said, that a tremendous energy has been released and we've all been unmoored from the familiar-- so this is a good time to harness that power. The moment an individual genuinely decides they want to change a direction in their lives, they depart from luck or even fate, and start to deal with destiny, he remarked. Horowitz suggested an interesting experiment to create luck in your life-- do something unexpected or nice for a stranger in need over the next 24 hours. There are many stories, he said, of people receiving extraordinary rewards after performing a surprising act of hospitality or kindness.

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