Military UFO Revelations/ Mystical India

Military UFO Revelations/ Mystical India


HostRichard Syrett

GuestsRobert Salas, Craig Hamilton-Parker

In the first half, former Air Force officer Robert Salas, joined Richard Syrett to discuss recent UFO revelations and how testimony of many military officers and airmen, including documentation of incidents involving UFOs and nuclear weapons, may bring about disclosure. Salas said that while he is hopeful that the newest Pentagon UFO story may signal a more open official attitude towards the subject, he nevertheless still has "a lot of questions" about the people involved and methods that are being used. Salas is convinced that, in general, "there is a disinformation effort going on" with regards to the subject.

Salas signed a non-disclosure agreement with the Air Force and did not speak of witnessing an apparent UFO-related shutdown of vital guidance systems while on duty at a Minuteman nuclear missile facility at Malmstrom AFB in March of 1967. During the incident, a glowing object hovered above ground while ten separate missiles were rendered inoperative. Engineers from Boeing (who built the systems) could find no obvious or mundane cause for the failure. When Salas saw that the government was releasing documents related to similar incidents (although not his experience) he decided it was all right to speak out. He believes that there is a group of intelligence agents who actively monitor and gather UFO information in secret, which used to be for security purposes, but has concluded that "now it’s about greed" and how much private industry can profit from the information.


U.K. spiritual teacher Craig Hamilton-Parker is on a mystical quest to discover the secrets of destiny and thereby change its course. In the second half, he discussed his accurate predictions of Brexit passing and that Donald Trump would win the presidency before he even announced his candidacy. At the time, he said he psychically saw a "TV personality" winning the election. In 2003, Hamilton-Parker held a séance to try and contact the spirit of Princess Diana. The televised program was banned from broadcast in Britain, because he says that "there are strict rules in the UK" for broadcasting anything to do with mediumship. The producers of the show (and many others) were surprised and disappointed when the spirit told him that she had not been murdered and that the infamous crash in Paris was nothing more than "an accident."

He discussed a journey to India where he encountered the "Naadi Oracle" that holds ancient secrets, written on a series of preserved palm leaves. Each "oracle" tells a particular life story, but the story must be matched to the person seeking advice, and interpreted by specialists who guard and interpret the information. Hamilton-Parker sent all of his personal details to these readers anonymously, so that there was no chance that those who would match him to his story could have any clues about his life. He was amazed at the accuracy of what was read back to him, including things which only he knew, and that "not a single thing said was wrong." The Oracle also revealed future events in his life, such as the day of his death, which he says "can make you fearless." Based on his reading, Hamilton-Parker went to India to perform a series of spiritual and charitable tasks, which he says may increase your lifespan, according to the Oracle. Ultimately though, he believes that life’s journey is done "when we become the journey."



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