Historical Bigfoot Cases & Open Lines

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Historical Bigfoot Cases & Open Lines

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In the first half, author Timothy Renner talked about his research into historical Bigfoot reports dating back to the 1800s in such places as Pennsylvania and California, and that included tales of missing persons and even home invasions. Renner says his quest for these accounts is "never-ending" and that he has noticed that modern witnesses seem to be reporting different behaviors on the part of the entities, which used to be called "wild men." When gorillas were discovered in the late 19th century, published reports began calling them by that name. Renner has come across many more historical accounts in Pennsylvania than in the traditional Bigfoot stomping grounds of the Pacific Northwest, and attributes this to the dense population and presence of newspapers in the state at the time. He said that some reports mention that the creatures can apparently mimic human speech and have attempted to call children and pets into the woods.

Renner read one account of an apparent Bigfoot child abduction from 1888 which he said was eerily similar to some of the "missing 411" stories of frequent Coast guest David Paulides. In this account, a small girl disappeared suddenly a few feet from her siblings while they were playing in the woods. The news account speculated that "she may have been carried away by the wild man" which was reported in the area. As a massive party of over 200 people began to search for the victim, a heavy fog rolled in and foiled their efforts. Renner also read from another 1888 account, which described a creature which was apparently killing and eating humans north of San Diego. With all of his extensive research, Renner nevertheless concludes that "it’s a mystery that we're probably not going to solve in my lifetime."


Open Lines occupied the latter half. Bruce in South Dakota told of a man he knew who encountered a "baby Bigfoot" in a nest in a field. When he returned later, the creature was gone. Victor called in from Texas with his belief that the creatures are the "Nephilim" or fallen angels described in the Bible. David from Canada told a scary story of encountering a "deer cut in half" with a Bigfoot standing over it, surrounded by bloody footprints. He was in his taxi and tried to run it over, but said the car passed through it like a ghost. Frequent caller Cornelius asked George and the listeners to put him on the prayer list because he is running for public office in Louisiana, and as he has admitted, is a convicted felon.

Jeff called from Missouri to describe the life-changing aftermath of his near-death experience which happened during surgery. After being in a coma for six days, he was subject to recurring episodes of sleep paralysis, precognitive dreams, and says that most recently, his IQ has gone "from 135 to 160." Steve in California was working on a fire crew in the northern part of the state in 1982 when a Bigfoot track was seen near his camp. He said his regional supervisor made the almost 2-hour drive out to the remote location to get a plaster cast of the print. Jim in Delaware asked George if it shouldn’t be more of a priority to shield the electrical grid than to build a wall along the border. George said, "Absolutely, 120%."

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