Coming Ice Age/ Hidden History

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Date Host George Noory
Guests Robert Felix, Gary Wayne

In the first half, author and researcher Robert Felix discussed the cold weather currently experienced in parts of the US, and how it ties in with his research of a coming ice age. There are repeated cycles of ice ages that show up in the geological records, he reported, and these include the Solar Retrograde Cycle (every 180 years), the Little Ice Age cycle (every 360 years, related to minimal sunspots), the Milankovitch Cycle (every 11,500 years), and the Orbital Stretch (every 105,000 years). "The problem that I see today," he said, "is that everyone one of those cycles is due to hit."

There's nothing humans can do to stop it (he views the theory of global warming as a hoax or a fraud), as these are all natural cycles. Ice ages can come on rather quickly, he pointed out-- in the last 250,000 years every age began in less than 20 years, going from temperatures we have today to glacial severity. Yet, the cold, snow, and ice decrease as you move further south, he detailed, such that "Florida was only three degrees colder than it is right now," in the last ice age. Food production and farming could be heavily impacted by a colder climate, he warned. He also talked about how ice ages can be triggered by magnetic reversals (a change in the Earth's magnetic field), as well as how many glaciers are growing rather than melting.


Gary Wayne is a Christian contrarian who has conducted over 30 years of research, encompassing not only Bible prophecy, but Gnostic scriptures, the Bhagavad Gita, Gilgamesh, and other ancient epics. In the latter half, he shared discoveries of hidden history and strange beings, as well as put forth his view that the descendants of the Nephilim (giants) bloodline are plotting to enslave humanity. As prophesied in the Bible, secret societies are working to bring about a one-world government, and install the Antichrist as a world leader, he believes.

According to his cross-cultural research, the giants that once roamed the Earth were 20 to 40 ft. tall, but later giants described in the Bible such as Goliath were probably between 9 and 14ft. tall, and very stocky in build. A branch of the giants were said to have red hair, and after the Great Flood, there is evidence that some migrated to the Americas, he noted. Outside of biblical records, there are accounts of all sorts of beings created before the Flood, he explained, including fairies and elementals-- some of these were said to abduct people, in tales that resemble modern reports of alien abduction.

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