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Ufology Update

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Main guest retired U.K. Ministry of Defense official Nick Pope talked about the latest developments in ufology, including updates on British UFO files. The British government has gradually been releasing its once-secret files on UFOs over the last ten years, but is still holding out on three additional reports they said would be made public, he detailed. The Pentagon UFO study revealed in 2017 continues to reverberate, Pope commented, and he suggested there could be congressional hearings on the topic to find out more of what the US government has been doing.

Britain's Project Condign, a secret study of the UFO phenomenon between 1996 to 2000, was designed to cut the public out of the subject, he stated. France has a different model, he noted, where UFO studies are led by scientists and civilians rather than the military and defense. An upcoming conference organized by A.J. Gevaerd in Brazil will feature Luis Elizondo, Pope reported, as well as a number of people within South American air force and defense ministries, who'll collaborate and exchange information.

Regarding the search for ET signals, the technology for SETI is growing more powerful and refined, and Breakthrough Listen has recently begun expanding its observation time. Pope also talked about the Rendlesham Forest case from 1980, and how Jim Penniston described strange hieroglyphic symbols on the hull of a craft he witnessed in a small clearing in the forest.

Living With Cancer

First-hour guest, former practicing attorney, Rick Shapiro is a consultant, researcher, and educator in the field of safe, evidence-based, integrative and alternative cancer treatments. He discussed his interviews with late-stage and terminal cancer survivors, who are thriving years after receiving a dire prognosis, and shared some of the ways they beat the odds, many using alternative approaches. While he was formerly against chemotherapy and radiation of any kind, he now believes they can be impactful if a person has a very fast moving cancer. But instead of generic chemo, he recommends a personalized approach to determine what works for the patient, using lower doses with more frequency, and fasting before and after the treatments to reduce toxicity to healthy cells. Acupuncture and supplements can also be helpful in dealing with the effects of chemo, he added.

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