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Nick Pope


Nick Pope worked for the UK Ministry of Defense for 21 years, where his final posting was as an acting deputy director in the Directorate of Defense Security. For much of the early Nineties, he was posted to a division where his responsibilities included researching and investigating the UFO phenomenon, to assess the defense, national security and safety of flight implications. This led the media to call him "the real Fox Mulder." Nick was also involved in a government program to declassify and release most of the MOD's UFO documents - many of which he wrote.

Because of his government work on UFOs, Nick is in constant demand with the media: he's written an op-ed for The New York Times, is one of the leading contributors on Ancient Aliens, and is a regular contributor on various TV news shows. He also moderates Ancient Aliens Live - a traveling stage show based on the hit TV series. Nick is regularly called on by Hollywood to act as consultant or spokesperson on UFO and alien-themed video games, movies and TV shows, including War of the Worlds and The X-Files.




Past Shows:

  • UAP Disclosure / Haunted Battlefields

    Retired UK Ministry of Defense official, Nick Pope discussed updates on government UFO/UAP disclosure. Followed by paranormal historian and author Courtney McInvale on haunted American battlefields.More »
  • UAP Revelations / Divine Councils

    Author and researcher Nick Pope shared updates and revelations about UAPs. Followed by journalist and filmmaker Rich Martini on 'Divine Councils' and hypnotherapy.More »
  • Living Off Grid / Ufology Update

    Host and producer of Discovery's Homestead Rescue, Marty Raney shared tips for living off-the-grid. Followed by author and investigator Nick Pope with a ufology update and analysis.More »
  • UFO Visitations / Hat Man

    Former UK Ministry of Defence official Nick Pope discussed the recent UFO intelligence report to Congress. Followed by podcast host Heidi Hollis on the diabolical Hat Man.More »
  • American Socialism / Ufology Update

    Journalist Cheryl K. Chumley argued that a socialist agenda has crept into American politics and culture. Followed by author Nick Pope with updates on UFO disclosure and cases.More »
  • Pentagon UFO Footage / Alien Healing & DNA Tests

    Nick Pope discussed the Pentagon's release of UFO videos, and related topics. Followed by Cheryll Jones interviewing Teri Lynge-Kehl on alien healing and DNA testing.More »
  • UFOs and Aliens / Working with Negative Feelings

    Nick Pope talked about his new documentary on UFOs and aliens. Followed by Dr. Joan Rosenberg on her therapeutic approach to difficult emotions.More »
  • Tech Advances / Pentagon's UFO Program

    Lauren Weinstein shared tech updates. Followed by Nick Pope on the Pentagon's AATIP and other UFO-related topics.More »
  • DIA Secret Programs / Coral Castle Mysteries

    Nick Pope reported on newly revealed secret DIA programs. Followed by R. L. Poole on the mysterious technology of Coral Castle.More »
  • Student Loan Crisis/ UFOs and the Pentagon

    Alan Collinge discussed the ballooning debt of student loans. Followed by Nick Pope on the AATIP/ UFO investigation.More »
  • Ufology Update

    Nick Pope talked about the latest developments in ufology. First-hour guest Rick Shapiro discussed alternative cancer treatmentsMore »
  • Pentagon's UFO Program/ Dreams & the Spirit Realm

    Nick Pope discussed the secret UFO investigation run by the Pentagon. Followed by psychotherapist Doris E. Cohenon her work with dreams.More »
  • UFOs Declassified/ Saga of a Targeted Individual

    Nick Pope discussed the latest UFO stories in the news. Followed by Michael Fitzhugh Bell on being the victim of stalking and mind control.More »
  • Technology & Law / Rendlesham UFO Incident

    In the first half of the program, author and attorney Clay Rawlings (book link) discussed how the exponential expansion of technology is now disrupting the law itself, diminishing our sovereignty and ability to govern. In the latter half of the show, author and UFO...More »
  • Secret UFO Documents

    Former UK Ministry of Defense employee Nick Pope joined John B. Wells to discuss the UK's recent unloading of secret classified UFO documents and what this means for UFO disclosure.More »
  • Pawnbroking, UK UFO Files, & Open Lines

    In the first hour, third-generation pawnbroker, Les Gold, discussed the pawnshop business as well as some of his weirdest, wackiest deals and steals. In the second hour, UFO expert Nick Pope talked about the final batch of UFO files released by the UK government. Open Lines...More »
  • Crop Circles & Energy Points

    Intuitive researcher, lecturer and filmmaker David Wilcock discussed his recent research on crop circles and energy vortexes. First hour guest, UFO expert Nick Pope reacted to the news that Winston Churchill covered up a UFO event because he feared mass panic in the UK.More »
  • Our Internal Guidance System

    Author and inspirational teacher Zen DeBrucke explained how learning to recognize and interpret signals from the body's Internal Guidance System (IGS) can lead to greater success and fulfillment in life.More »
  • Antwerp Diamond Heist

    Ian Punnett was joined by best-selling author Greg Campbell, who discussed how a skilled band of Italian thieves expertly cased an ultra-secure building in Antwerp (Belgium), a town loaded with security cameras, and managed to pull off the largest diamond heist in history. ...More »
  • Shroud of Turin

    Filling in for George, Ian Punnett welcomed authors Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince, who discussed the Shroud of Turin, as well as mysteries concerning the life of Christ, for the full length of the program. Appearing briefly in the first half-hour, UFO expert Nick Pope...More »
  • Ghost Investigations & EVPs

    Paranormal investigator and star of the TV show Haunting Evidence, Patrick Burns discussed his work on cold cases such as the Zodiac Killer, and Natalee Holloway, as well as presented a group of EVP recordings. First hour guests, researcher Nick Pope and investigative...More »
  • Quantum Communication

    Scientist and filmmaker David Sereda discussed his latest research on how communication works at the quantum level, and how information about this remarkable human ability has been suppressed by the government. In the first hour, UFO expert Nick Pope commented on the aerial...More »
  • Spirit Attachment

    During the middle two hours, Kelly Kiernan Ray, an expert in hauntings, discussed the various ways that ghosts and entities can share our space and cause physical, mental and emotional problems as well as addictions. During the first hour, consumer privacy advocate...More »
  • 2012 & Other Mysteries

    Filmmaker and scholar Jay Weidner spoke about 2012 and prophecy, as well as mysteries surrounding the Georgia Guidestones and the Denver Airport. First hour guest, UFO expert Nick Pope reported that Britain's Royal Air Force has tried to shoot down UFOs over the years as part of...More »
  • 2008 UFO Conference Special

    Broadcasting from radio station KXNT in Las Vegas, George Noory and co-host Linda Moulton Howe welcomed guest speakers from the 2008 UFO Conference.During the first hour, researcher Ryan Wood talked about an MJ-12 document known as the "Burn Memo" (view at, as...More »
  • Ghosts: Theories & Investigations

    Ghost Hunter John Kachuba discussed his investigations, methods, and theories. Ghosts are most often thought of as an energy residue or essence of the deceased, but in some cases we could literally be creating these entities ourselves, he said. If we believe in something...More »
  • Bloodline Conspiracy

    Filling in for George Noory, George Knapp welcomed filmmakers Renee Barnett and Bruce Burgess, who discussed their controversial new documentary, Bloodline, which investigates some of the key questions that frame Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code.More »
  • UK UFO Files

    Former leader of the UK's UFO Project, Nick Pope joined host George Knapp (email) to discuss recent disclosures from the British Ministry of Defense. This sweeping release of UFO information by the UK government allows for researchers to "go to the raw data," he said,...More »
  • UFO Special: Cases, Sightings & Disclosure

    A special 4-hour program devoted to UFO sightings and disclosure featured documentary filmmaker and UFO investigator James Fox and four additional guests.More »
  • UFOs in the U.K.

    George Noory welcomed theformer leader of the British Government's UFO Project, Nick Pope, for a discussion on UFO cases and disclosure.More »
  • UFO Incidents

    In the first hour, Art chatted with Whitley Strieber about the current UFO flap. Nick Pope, who used to run the British Government's UFO Project, joined Art for the remainder of the program for a discussion about the current state of ufology and various UFO cases that he has...More »
  • Open Lines

    Filling in for George Noory, Art Bell hosted a night of Open Lines. During the middle of the show, Art was joined by Nick Pope, former head of Britain's Ministry of Defence UFO Project.More »
  • UFO Sightings

    Nick Pope, who used to run the British government's UFO project (similar to the USAF's Project Blue Book), discussed disclosure in the U.K. as well as seldom reported craft sightings by pilots and the military.More »

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