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RFK Assassination/ Sinister Beings

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Paul DeBole is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Lasell College, where among the courses he teaches is Conspiracy in American Politics. In the first half, he discussed anomalies in the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) which happened 50 years ago this week. We have a tragic event, he noted, followed by the arrest and conviction of the alleged assassin, yet we have no clear proof that Sirhan Sirhan fired the fatal shot that killed Senator Kennedy. Paul Schrade, who was the labor chair of the Kennedy campaign, was also wounded in the shooting and maintains that the shots that struck both him and RFK were fired at an upward angle and from behind, yet Sirhan was always in front of them.

In 1968, RFK was running for president, and the assassination occurred just after he'd won the California Democratic primary and given his victory speech at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. As he was being led out through a pantry, Sirhan Sirhan fired two shots at Senator Kennedy, but by the time he got off his second shot, several members of RFK's party had grabbed him and repeatedly slammed his gun hand against the side of a steam table. According to witnesses, it was at that point that he fired his remaining six shots, none of which were aimed in RFK's direction. There may have been a total of 13 shots, DeBole cited, and one of the unaccounted for shots could have been the one that killed Kennedy. RFK's autopsy report, he added, indicated that the bullet entry wounds were all from behind and at an upward angle.


Nick Redfern is known for digging into secret, classified government and military files. In the latter half, he shared the latest information on the sinister Men in Black (MIB), the chilling Women in Black (WIB), the creepy Black-Eyed Children, and the ability of these seemingly multi-dimensional entities to invade our space in a hostile fashion. The majority of the MIB reports describe encounters with very pale, almost emaciated men with very large eyes that they hide behind wraparound sunglasses. People typically get a knock on the door late at night and feel an odd compulsion to let them in, as though they were hypnotized or mind controlled, which has led to the idea that their visitors might not be entirely human, Redfern detailed.

While the MIB are said to threaten or terrorize witnesses into not talking about their UFO experiences, he continued, "some researchers suspect that may actually be kind of a ruse," and that the MIB (as well as the WIB and Black-Eyed Children) are there to drain energy from people in a vampiric way. This is evidenced by the fact that the witnesses often feel sick or ill within a short time of their contact with the beings. Redfern interviewed an alien abductee named Daryl Collins, who said he was confronted by a Woman in Black in 1986. Pale and thin, and dressed in a black suit, she screamed at him "You have nine years left!" Collins made a note of that date. On the 9th anniversary of her warning, when he returned to his home from work, it was filled with an overwhelming odor as if something had died in there. Fortunately, Collins is still with us.

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