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Diagnostic Dogs/ Biblical Prophecy

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Author and researcher Christian Wilde, who writes about alternative health solutions, joined George Noory to discuss the many remarkable talents of dogs who are now being used not only for companionship and protection but for medical and diagnostic applications as well. Dogs have been able to detect breast cancer with a 98% accuracy, he reported, adding that they can sniff out the earliest stages of cancer even before an MRI. It's believed that cancer gives off volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from necrotic or decaying cells and that is what the dogs are reacting to with their highly keen sense of smell. Actress Shannen Doherty revealed that her dog was the first to detect her breast cancer, obsessively sniffing at her right side before she had a diagnosis.

Dogs can also be trained to sense the sugar levels of diabetes patients and alert someone if the levels move too high or low, he detailed. Scientists, he added, are attempting to study dogs' olfactory sense and interpretive skill, to see if they can create a mechanical algorithm or diagnostic tool that does something similar. Dogs played an important role in WWI, carrying information between trenches, in the middle of the night. One dog, known as "General Stubby," received numerous medals for all the lives he saved, Wilde cited.


Author, lecturer, and host of the popular Prophecy Update radio program, Bill Salus is an expert at explaining the prophetic relevance of current Middle East and world events. In the latter half, he addressed how recent events such as the relocation of the US embassy to Jerusalem and Trump's withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal line up with biblical prophecy, as well as his analysis of when the seven years of tribulation and the arrival of the Antichrist could be. One prophecy of Ezekiel written around 580 BC, predicts an attack against Israel by a team of countries that Salus' suggests includes Russia, Turkey, and Iran.

An ancient prophecy from Jeremiah warns of poor leadership in Iran and what Salus interprets as a possible nuclear attack that will cause Iranians to be scattered in its aftermath. According to a prophecy from Isaiah, the Syrian capital of Damascus will be destroyed "by the children of Israel," which Salus considers to be an "active prophecy." He also spoke about the identity of the Antichrist, whom he thinks will come out of Europe, and be a military, political, and religious leader who is likely on the scene today.

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