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Airplane Safety / Time Slips

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David B. Soucie has traveled the world in the interest of improving airline safety. He's worked in the cockpit, on the hangar floor, and within the aviation boardroom. In the first half, he discussed the latest developments in the Boeing 737 MAX crashes and groundings. The risk really began before the flights, he said, when the FAA and Boeing decided that the new model of 737s (which had different capabilities) would not need extensive retraining for pilots who had flown the older model. Specifically, pilots were not well versed in the new maneuvering characteristics of the updated 737s, he cited. In the Ethiopian crash (view a simulation), the pilots were trying to return to the airport shortly after taking off and the aircraft accelerated to abnormal speeds.

The Ethiopian crash bore similarities to another Boeing 737 Max 8 fatal jet crash in Indonesia back in October. That jet started off in an erratic flight pattern, Soucie reported, with problems in the pilots trying to correct course with the "angle of attack," and dealing with erroneous signals. At that time, Boeing proposed some software fixes and increased pilot training efforts. "They felt that their mitigation measures were adequate enough to ensure that it was still a safe airplane," he noted, but if it turns out that the Ethiopian crash was due to the same cause, they will have been gravely mistaken. Soucie also talked about the problem he referred to as the "atrophy of vigilance," when pilots are overly trained to use checklists rather than think and problem solve spontaneously.


In the latter half, paranormal investigator Rosemary Ellen Guiley discussed time slips and the mystery of missing time accounts. A time slip is a spontaneous experience, she explained, where suddenly the landscape changes, and people find themselves somewhere that eerily differs from ordinary reality. They may feel like they've entered or are trapped in a kind of bubble, she continued, and can encounter oddly dressed people or decades old places, as though they'd gone into a time warp. Sometimes people vanish when they're out hiking or driving, and perhaps they aren't able to return from these time slips, she hypothesized.

In some of these cases, people have reported a strange stillness, and flat environments, with the absence of people and animals. Guiley posited the idea of an "eternal now" or places of timelessness that co-exist with our reality, and for unknown reasons, we have occasional incursions into them. She also touched on such topics as possessions and exorcisms, communications with the dead (which dreams can facilitate), and ET encounters.

News segment guests: John M. Curtis, Peter Davenport

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