David Soucie

David Soucie


David B. Soucie, born 1959 in Boulder Colorado, grew up in Arvada Colorado and has traveled the world in the interest of improving safety awareness. He's worked in the cockpit, on the hanger floor, within the aviation boardroom, and inside the Washington D.C. beltway. He's seen death up close and personal.



Past Shows:

  • Airplane Safety / Time Slips

    David B. Soucie offered analysis of the Boeing 737 MAX crashes and groundings. Followed by Rosemary Ellen Guiley on the mystery of time-slips.More »
  • Internet & Technology/ ETs & Religion

    Appearing during the first half, technology expert Lauren Weinstein talked about the recent 25th anniversary of the Web, and various technology-related topics. In the latter half, Rev. Michael J.S. Carter discussed the extraterrestrial connections to the world's religions, and...More »