Overthrowing Venezuela / Alien Experiencers

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Date Host George Noory
Guests Daniel Kovalik, Mary Rodwell

In the first half, author and human rights attorney Dan Kovalik talked about his latest work researching how the US has been working to overthrow the Venezuelan government. For about 100 years the US and its corporations were able to profit heavily from Venezuela's oil reserves, he reported, but then Hugo Chavez decided to nationalize the country's oil to the benefit of the Venezuelan people. And after Chavez's death, Nicolas Maduro was elected president and continued the same policy. The fact that the US-backed an attempt to oust Maduro by opposition leader Juan Guaido is not motivated by the interests of democracy and human rights, he suggested, rather it's a kind of economic warfare, and attempt to return the country's oil revenue to private interests.

Kovalik, who has been an election observer in Venezuela, said Maduro was legitimately elected, whereas Guaido never ran for president, and was initially not well-known to the public. The US gambit has failed, he commented, and at this point "I believe it's very likely the Maduro government will survive," as he's weathered the storm with Guaido. Kovalik also argued that perceptions of Russia have been manipulated, and he feels vindicated by the Mueller report finding no evidence for collusion. Rather than being a pawn of Russia, President Trump has shown some belligerence toward the nation, he cited, backing out of the Intermediate Missile Treaty of 1987, and advancing NATO further to the borders of Russia.


Hypnotherapist and metaphysician, Mary Rodwell RN, is the co-founder of ACERN (Australian Close Encounter Resource Network). In the latter half, she discussed her work with numerous experiencers and how alien "abductions" may not be about experimentation, but rather awakening and galactic contact. She pointed out that alien abductees have no incentive for making up stories about their experiences, and that they have undergone personal transformations as a result of them, such as loss of interest in materialistic values, dietary changes, and embarking upon new ways of thinking about the planet and other people. Rodwell, who is also the Co-founder & Director of the Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research Into Extraterrestrial Encounters (FREE), noted that their organization conducted a survey of over 4,000 respondents which revealed that 25% of the phenomenon was manifested in "nuts and bolts" physicality, but 75% was non-physical and related to consciousness.

She recounted the fascinating case of a Brazilian flight attendant who while at a hotel was shocked to see a young girl in the hallway who seemed to be a feline/human hybrid. In subsequent journeys aboard a UFO, she discovered the girl was one of her hybrid daughters, among a whole range of hybrids. An experiencer from the US told Rodwell that she was taken to another planet and shown how to levitate and use psychic abilities. The beings then took her aboard their craft and demonstrated their genetic engineering procedures, which they are doing in order to seed other planets in our universe and even other universes. As to the "threat" that hybrids may one day take over Earth, Rodwell countered that humans are already hybrids-- the product of previous genetic tinkering. "What I do think is going on," she said, "is an upgrade of humans" into different hybrid programs to help the planet.

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