Giza Pyramid Power Station / Alternate Realities and Past Lives

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Giza Pyramid Power Station / Alternate Realities and Past Lives

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J.J. Hurtak and Desiree Hurtak have researched ancient sites around the world and were principal members of the Schor Expedition that discovered the "Tomb of Osiris" in 1997 on the Giza Plateau, using ground-penetrating radar (GPR) and sonar in their investigation of this deepest man-made chamber on the Giza Plateau. In the first half, they presented the idea that ancient Egypt developed and controlled an elaborate power system that was centered around Giza and as far south as Abydos. They believe that the underground structures that surround ancient pyramid structures were part of an immense industrial complex, including gigantic earth batteries. "Our explorations," J.J. explained, "have shown there was a type of canal system that was built bringing water in underground, and the subterranean area was a type of water pump...used to move things in place" for building the massive monuments, as well as hydrogen energy production.

They were producing electricity through the hydrogen gas, Desiree suggested, to power such things as the Dendera lamps, which were likely used to generate light in the temples, and there were also saltwater batteries in use along the countryside. There's a power in the pyramids themselves, Desiree continued. According to new Russian research on the Great Pyramid, "they show how the electromagnetic energy coming in is acting as an energy force...and the chambers inside the pyramid actually capture that using radio waves," she said. J.J. recalled their work locating the Tomb of Osiris, using instruments which detected the chamber some 100 ft. below the ground. Desiree compared the deeply buried find to storage vaults in Scandinavia used to store nuclear waste.


Peter Smith is the former president of the Newton Institute and trains Life Between Lives practitioners around the world. He is also the founder of the Institute for Quantum Consciousness and the creator of the Hypnoenergetics® modality. In the latter half, he discussed spiritual regression and hypnotherapy as well as stories of past lives and alternate realities (offshoots of a given life following other probabilities or pathways). "We can take people down into trance," he detailed, "or we can use the human body as a portal to different realms of consciousness. And we can out-of-body experience while still in body," as well as journey to aspects of the self that hold great wisdom and healing.

What sets their "life between life" method apart from other types of past life recall, he said, is that past lives are just the beginning, as they move into a "now" zone unbound by time and space, and clients can see the sweeping view of their soul's lineage. Many times people report existences from other planets or dimensions, and the soul, he continued, seeks out different experiences and versions of reality as a learning opportunity. For someone experiencing an injury or illness, he noted they could access an alternate version of themselves in which they're healthy, in order to import that vibration or frequency back into their lives.

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