Strange Phenomena / Hypnotherapy

Strange Phenomena / Hypnotherapy


HostRichard Syrett

GuestsMichael H. Brown, Dr. Elena Gabor

Journalist Michael H. Brown has chronicled strange and bizarre happenings, from deceptions that flood the spiritual landscape to healings, materializations, and mysterious strangers. In the first half, he joined Richard Syrett to discuss eerie unexplained incidents, and ponder if some of them could be what Christians call "lying wonders--" examples of spiritual invasion or warfare. Brown said he had his own odd encounters-- in a dream vision, he saw three supernatural figures that warned him that the devil was at his door. He pointed out that some UFO hotspots such as Rendlesham Forest in the UK, is also the location of apparitions like the Lady in White, strange creatures, and poltergeists-- which indicates to him that we're dealing with a deception. Brown spoke about various odd phenomena associated with Uri Geller, John Lennon, and James Dean's haunted Porsche.

One case he delved into was that of a boy in Manila in 1952 who was said to disappear at times when he would see the apparition of a beautiful woman who seemed to cloak him with invisibility. The boy's disposition became negative, and poltergeist phenomena started occurring around him. At one point he reportedly vanished in front of an entire classroom, and the teacher had a nervous breakdown, Brown recounted. Sometimes when the boy disappeared, a nasty stench was left behind, he continued, but he was eventually freed from the apparition in an exorcism. Strange noxious smells are also associated with alien abductions, as well as weird beasts from places such as the Amazon, and New Guinea, he added.


In the latter half, hypnosis expert Dr. Elena Gabor spoke about how hypnotherapy, past life regressions, and guided imagery can help people overcome physical and emotional problems as well as advance in spiritual growth. During the induction part of the hypnosis, she uses the imagery of entering a warm, loving light which allows for a person's "higher consciousness to present to them the sources of the challenges they're having in this lifetime, or the solution." One of her clients experienced a lot of guilt, and the past life source turned out to be an incarnation he'd had as Judas in biblical times. He was able to connect with Jesus in the light and make peace in the process, she detailed.

Another of her clients was a man in his 30s, who'd been troubled for years by a cyst on his posterior that made sitting highly uncomfortable, and surgery was not able to correct it. During his past life recall, it was uncovered that he'd lived a life in which he could not pay off his debts and was sold as a galley slave on a ship. The cyst, she continued, was literally a reminder that he didn't want to sit down anymore and that he was holding onto negative feelings from that life. After the session, the cyst reduced in intensity and started to shrink, she reported. Another person she worked with, a woman named Julia, went on amazing journeys in sessions with Gabor, connecting with an ancient spiritual energy, which they later came to realize was God itself.



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