UAP Revelations / Antarctica Down Under

UAP Revelations / Antarctica Down Under


HostConnie Willis

GuestsBrad Olsen, Matthew Roberts

Former U.S. Navy member Matthew Roberts was onboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt when the Gimbal and GoFast Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) footage was captured. In the first half of the show, Roberts joined Connie Willis (info) to discuss his profound experiences subsequent to the encounter. He remembered being blown away by the Gimbal and GoFast videos and feeling the UAPs were there for him. Shortly after the incident, Roberts transferred to the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI). "I started to have these profound follow-on experiences of the phenomenon while working at ONI," he admitted.

According to Roberts, he was compelled to take a drive one day but decided against it and then felt an electric shock course through his body. "My hands started turning the wheel towards the road and my foot stepped on the accelerator," he recalled. Roberts ended up at a gas station at midnight where he found a homeless man dining with two well-dressed women. The experience made Roberts realize he was to read The Kybalion. He also shared details from frightening nighttime encounters he was having during this period. "They were coming back twice a week and this went on for months," Roberts revealed, noting he was terrified to be in the dark and would often wake up in the night to the sound of a woman screaming, pounding walls, or footsteps. Roberts described his bizarre experiences as an initiation, and the lesson learned that we are all one and the universe is a singular consciousness.


During the second half of the program, author Brad Olsen delved into the mysteries buried beneath the surface of Antarctica and the various expeditions to the icy continent, including those by Germany in the Nazi era (Related Images). According to Olsen, there are three massive crafts locked in the ice that have been partially exposed by melting. They are located near Kohnen-Station which has been run by Germany for decades. The Germans have been in Antarctica since 1938, Olsen noted. "I could make an argument that they went there because they knew that this massive craft was in this location," he said.

Olsen suggested the Germans found the buried craft while doing survey flyovers of the area. Their expedition had occult origins and they were looking for anything to make them a more superior nation, he revealed, adding remote viewers have confirmed ancient machinery is at this site. Olsen reported on the Ark of Gabriel, which supposedly emits a huge amount of energy when exposed to sunlight and air. It was found in Saudi Arabia then transported by the Russian military and deposited in Antarctica at an old German base, Olsen explained. He also spoke about Google Earth anomalies that appear to be entrances to underground bases, lost antediluvian cities, and pyramid fields, as well as a mysteriously massive hole in Antarctic ice.



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