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UFOs & Disclosure / Evidence of the Afterlife

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In the first half, Richard Dolan, considered by many to be the pre-eminent historian of the UFO phenomenon in the world, gave an update on UFOs and disclosure. One current topic he's following closely, he noted, is the US government's increasingly public acknowledgment that it is investigating UFO and UAP claims—and in particular, the different entities (Congress, the Pentagon, newly-created task forces) that seem to be studying the issue.

Dolan also discussed his latest book, The Alien Agendas, which he called a "big picture" history of UFO encounters. Some of the issues raised by his research include the possibility that the human species has been monitored by aliens for "many thousands of years," a process that involves genetic mutation, abduction, and the creation of human-alien hybrids. The dramatic uptick of UFO encounters of the past century, he went on, may be part of a "fourth stage" of human existence where advances in artificial intelligence and surveillance threaten to turn society into a type of techno-totalitarianism.

Dolan also heard from listeners like a former journalist in California who expressed his disappointment with some in the ET research community who seem too attached to their skepticism, to the point of eschewing valid reporting and empirical data. On other hand, the caller went on, there are others who lean too far the other way, misusing quantum physics in their arguments and denying any kind of shared, verifiable experience. "You're speaking my language," agreed Dolan, who suggested that such people are more interested in their public personas than in pursuing truth. An Ohio listener issued a challenge to Dolan and George Noory: to appeal to President Biden for an official invitation to go to Roswell to investigate. George was doubtful that the two would be granted access, but Dolan was open to the idea—as long as he didn't have to sign an agreement restricting what he could report from the experience. From Washington, another caller described hovering lights that seemed to appear around him frequently, prompting Dolan to relate that such phenomena are much more common than we would believe.


Journalist and filmmaker Richard Martini joined the show's second half to talk about his study of the afterlife. After his close friend Luana passed, he said, he realized that she was contacting him in order to help him understand the "other side." Meanwhile, another friend, Jennifer, began to guide him through communication with the dead from the side of the living. "It was like having two mediums," Martini recalled. Soon, he claimed, the late singer Tom Petty began to communicate with him through Luana; Petty informed her that Martini was highly sought after in the afterlife as someone who was receptive to passing along messages and building relationships with the departed. Some of the well-known figures who reached out to Martini include Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Beethoven, Helen Keller, and Harry Dean Stanton.

Contrary to what some would expect, Martini explained, communicating with those in the afterlife is neither difficult nor complicated. Many times, in fact, he's casually having coffee with Jennifer during his contacts. The key, he revealed, is to simply be open to the experience, call for specific people by name, and ask specific questions of them. The departed want to communicate with the living as much as we do with them, he argued, and need only to be summoned and met with a spirit of genuine interest and openness.

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