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Richard Dolan


Richard Dolan is among the world’s leading UFO researchers, historians, and publishers. He has written a number of classics for the field: UFOs and the National Security State in two volumes, A.D. After Disclosure, which discusses what would happen if UFO secrecy were to end, and UFOs for the 21st Century Mind, a perfect overview of the whole subject. He’s also written several smaller booklets as part of his new Richard Dolan Lecture Series. Most recently of these is his brand new UFOs and Disclosure in the Trump Era.

Richard has appeared widely on television, has lectured around the world, and is a frequent guest right here on Coast-to-Coast AM. Currently, he is the writer and host of the series "False Flags," which recently premiered on Gaia TV, and he is also writing a book on the same subject. He also hosts two radio shows: The Richard Dolan Show on KGRA and The Effed Files, and is the publisher of Richard Dolan Press, which features the work of many leading thinkers exploring alternative realities in our world.



Past Shows:

  • UFO News & Disclosure / Earthbound Spirits

    A leading historian of the UFO phenomenon, Richard Dolan shared the latest news on UFOs and disclosure. Followed by ghost communicator Mary Ann Winkowski on her encounters with earthbound spirits.More »
  • UFO History & Disclosure / Energy Healing

    UFO historian Richard Dolan shared the latest news on UFOs and disclosure. Followed by Cyndi Dale on energy healing techniques.More »
  • UFOs & Disclosure / Open Lines

    Richard Dolan discussed the latest news on UFOs and disclosure. Followed by Open Lines in the second half.More »
  • UFO Year in Review

    Richard Dolan and Alejandro Rojas discussed how issues around the UFO subject have changed significantly over the past year.More »
  • UFO Leaks & Revelations

    Dr. Steven Greer (first half) and Richard Dolan (second half) discussed the Adm. Wilson/Eric Davis UFO document leaks.More »
  • Space Exploration / UFO News & Cases

    Rod Pyle shared updates on space development and exploration. Followed by Richard Dolan on UFO news and classic cases.More »
  • UFO Open Lines

    Richard Dolan discussed UFOs and disclosure in the first hour, followed by three hours of Open Lines.More »
  • Secret UFO Program/ Open Lines

    Richard Dolan offered his opinions and commentary on recent UFO revelations in the press. The second half featured Open Lines.More »
  • False Flags/ Open Lines

    Author Richard Dolan discussed his latest work on 'false flag' operations. Open Lines followed.More »
  • Disclosure & Secret Space Program/ UK UFO Sighintgs

    Richard Dolan discussed UFO disclosure and the secret space program. Followed by researcher John Hanson on UFO sightings in the UK.More »
  • Hoaxes & April Fool's

    Alex Boese talked about his Museum of Hoaxes and April Fool's Day. UFO historian Richard Dolan updated disclosure developments.More »
  • Russian USO Incidents

    UFO and USO (Unidentified Submersible Objects) experts Paul Stonehill and Richard Dolan joined George Knapp to discuss inexplicable encounters by the Soviet and Russian Navy. First hour guest, storyteller and radio host Kelly Carlin, shared candid memories of her father, the...More »
  • UFO Disclosure/ Open Lines

    Guest host Jimmy Church (email) welcomed historian and researcher Richard Dolan for a discussion on the increasingly hostile climate for whistleblowers and the role disclosure will play in the future of the United States as well as updates on UFOs in Russia and China. The...More »
  • Roswell Alien Slides/ HAARP & Mind Control

    In the first half, live from Mexico City, renowned historians and researchers, Richard M. Dolan (first hour) and Don Schmitt (2nd hour) discussed the mysterious Roswell alien slides (view), which were revealed to the public during a conference which both had attended earlier in...More »
  • ET Encounters & UFO Disclosure

    Historian and UFO researcher Richard Dolan discussed bizarre ET encounters, the forces which may prevent disclosure, and challenges facing ufology in the modern age. In the first hour, researcher Robert Felix reacted to the 'snowpocalypse' hitting parts of the United States.More »
  • 21st Century UFOs

    George Knapp was joined, for the full program, by UFO research pioneer Richard Dolan, who discussed the challenges of investigating UFOs in today’s 21st century world, where we're flooded with claims, videos and data of all types.More »
  • The Psychology of Evil & Heroism

    In the middle two hours, renowned social psychologist and creator of the 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment, Philip Zimbardo, discussed this landmark study as well as his current research, which looks at the psychology of heroism. In the final hour of the program, science...More »
  • UFO Update/ Singularity & Tech.

    In the first half, historian and UFO researcher Richard Dolan talked about the FBI's UFO document, the Hottel memo, as well as various UFO cases and crash retrievals. In the latter half, business technology strategist, futurist and expert in the impact of technology on...More »
  • UFOs: Secrets & Leaks

    George Knapp was joined by ufologist Grant Cameron who discussed his analysis of government leaks into the classified world of UFOs. Historian and UFO researcher Richard Dolan appeared in the first half of the 2nd hour to talk about Cameron's new book and aviator John Lear...More »
  • Disclosure Scenarios

    Historian and researcher Richard M. Dolan, and journalist and screenwriter, Bryce Zabel, discussed the various scenarios that will follow an official acknowledgement of the existence of UFOs, ETs and alien contact. In the first hour, author Bill Fawell talked about how the...More »
  • UFO Disclosure/ Strange Creatures

    In the first half, UFO researcher Richard Dolan reacted to the White House administration's formal statement on UFOs. Though their response was "sophomoric," this is the first time the White House has made a public policy statement on this topic-- in the past, they let the Air...More »
  • UFO Documents & Cases

    UFO historian Richard Dolan commented on the FBI's newly posted 1950 memo that recounts the discovery of flying saucers and aliens in New Mexico, as well as discussed various UFO cases, and the field of ufology. In the first hour, tax change advocates Tom Cryer and Bill...More »
  • UFO Happenings / Secret Societies

    During the first three hours, guest host Whitley Strieber (email) was joined by researcher Richard Dolan, who talked about current UFO happenings as well as the prospect for disclosure. In the final hour, professor Mark Booth discussed his research into secret societies...More »
  • Ancient UFOs / After Disclosure

    In the first half of the program, George Knapp was joined by legendary Ufologist Jacques Vallee for a discussion on UFO sightings from biblical-era antiquity through the year 1879. Over the course of the conversation, he also talked about remote viewing and provided his take on...More »
  • Behind Conspiracy Theories

    George Knapp was joined by author David Aaronovitch for an examination of the origins of conspiracy theories, why people believe them, and also to make an argument for a true skepticism based on a thorough knowledge of history and a strong dose of common sense. In the first...More »
  • UFO History

    Author and researcher Richard Dolan shared material from his new book UFOs and the National Security State Vol. 2, which delves into UFO history and cases from the years 1973-1991. Appearing during the first half of the 4th hour, renowned scholar Zecharia Sitchin recounted...More »
  • Ufology in the Cold War Era

    George Knapp was joined by acclaimed UFO historian Richard Dolan, who discussed his exhaustive research into the UFO phenomenon during the Cold War, as well as the national security state and cover-ups.More »
  • UFO/ET Disclosure Issues

    Broadcasting live from WMAL in Washington DC, George Noory was joined by three special guests for a discussion on UFO/ET disclosure and other related topics. Joe Montaldo of I.C.A.R. spoke about abductees and the alien agenda, Alfred Webre provided his exopolitical perspective...More »
  • UFOs: Disclosure & Disinformation

    Author and historian Richard Dolan returned to discuss UFO disclosure and the Obama administration, as well as other UFO related subjects. While Obama expressed zero interest in UFOs during the campaign, the head of his transition team, John Podesta, went public in 2002, calling...More »
  • UFO Secrecy

    Guest host George Knapp welcomed author and historian Richard Dolan for a discussion on UFO cover-ups.More »
  • Roswell UFO Festival Special

    Broadcasting live from the Roswell UFO Festival, George and co-host Richard C. Hoagland welcomed several surprise guests.More »
  • Aliens, UFO Cover-Ups & Disappearing Honey Bees

    Investigative journalist and author Linda Moulton Howe presented a series of interviews live from the 2007 Ozark UFO Conference in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.More »
  • UFO Cover-Ups & Secrecy

    Author and researcher Richard Dolan discussed UFO cover-ups and secrecy and how it has "affected so much of our significant history," and altered the relationship between the U.S. government and its citizens.Dolan said secret UFO programs are so "deeply compartmentalized" that...More »

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