Deceptive Entities

Deceptive Entities


HostGeorge Knapp

GuestsBarry Fitzgerald

With over 30 years of researching the paranormal, UFOs, and mysteries, Barry Fitzgerald joined George Knapp to discuss the idea that the beings we consider angels or devils, gods or demons, may actually be two sides of the same coin. Further, he contends that the afterlife could be an illusion created by the beings that exist within that realm. A lot of the mysterious phenomena associated with ETs and alien abduction are mirrored in the worlds of spirits, the jinn, old gods, and fairy lore, he pointed out, with the common ground being an air of deception. The grand deception is that there are a variety of supernatural beings and entities with agendas and intentions that range from good to evil, when in reality, there is really just one force, he explained.

He recounted the research of Rev. Robert Kirk, a 17th-century Gaelic folklorist, who investigated the fairy realm, and in particular the two factions of seelie and unseelie, said to be positive and negative beings in conflict with each other. Kirk reportedly tried to bring peace between the two groups, but died under mysterious circumstances (possibly involving a changeling) before being able to publish his treatise on the fairies.

Fitzgerald posited an interesting theory that the deceptive beings, including the Grey ETs, have an aversion to iron, including that made within the body. This is because iron interferes with their ability to manipulate us through the magnetic field. So, for instance, aliens are more apt to abduct people who have anemic blood (low in iron), he suggested. Often times, during the first 20 seconds of an encounter with a strange being (including Marian or holy apparitions), people will feel a great sense of fear and discomfort. This is the correct and vital response, he asserted, but after this short period, the being is able to manipulate the human's theta brain wave in a way similar to hypnosis and create false memories.

He also delved into the fascinating Scole experiments, a series of seances conducted in an English village in the 1990s, looking for proof of the afterlife. There were purported manifestations, including a Grey alien that appeared in a bluish hue, a disembodied hand that touched the sitters, and a doorway that seemed to fluctuate and ripple. A "shadow entity" that came through in 1998 communicated that it hailed from a "dimension of nothingness." That dimension, said Fitzgerald, is incredibly close to ours.

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