Barry Fitzgerald

Barry Fitzgerald


Irish born Barry Fitzgerald has over 20 years experience within the world of the paranormal which has taken him to new levels of intrigue and mystery. Appearing on Ghost Hunters International and heading a team on the American SyFy network he explored and investigated many paranormal and supernatural phenomenon the world over. This progression lead to an authoring of books on subjects within the paranormal and wider field from 'The Influence', to mysterious happenings and bizarre disappearances right under our feet in 'The Mist of Gods'.

Barry's new line of research has taken him out of his comfort zone and into areas of Irish myth and legend to exploring the world of the Sidhe/Fairy. His book 'Banshee' is a collection of modern encounters with this legend which lefts the bizarre screaming fairy lady from the realms of myth and into reality. Followed by 'Searching the Sidhe' he lifts the veil of glamour used by such entities to reveal a very different picture, a picture which may unsettle our very senses.



Past Shows:

  • Deceptive Entities

    Researcher Barry Fitzgerald discussed the idea that the beings we consider angels or devils, gods or demons, may actually be two sides of the same coin, and have a deceptive agenda.More »
  • UFOs and the Paranormal

    Stephen Mera and Barry Fitzgerald spoke on the connections between UFO and other anomalies research.More »

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