Life-Force Technology / Communicating with the Divine

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Life-Force Technology / Communicating with the Divine

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Professor Gary E. Schwartz is the Director of the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness at the University of Arizona. Jeff Stegman co-founded Focused Life-Force Energy (FLFE), which offers a high-consciousness field service. In the first half, they discussed consciousness research and how FLFE technology can enhance one's experience. Stegman described high-consciousness fields as positive energy zones found in rare locations around the world. Through the FLFE technology, they have developed a way to broadcast such fields to specific areas, he said. The high-consciousness field, he added, can create a peaceful environment that serves as an antidote to stress and commotion, as well as reduce mind chatter, and foster a creative and problem-solving state of mind.

Schwartz characterized higher consciousness as the capacity "to think ever wider and ever deeper" and to integrate and extend one's awareness. With this increased awareness and enlightenment, a person is naturally more compassionate and motivated to seek the best and highest good for all, he continued. Schwartz also spoke about his new collaborative multidisciplinary effort, which bridges the fields of theology, psychology, biology, and physics. Stegman announced that his company is offering a 15-day free trial with no obligation of the FLFE subscription service.


Neale Donald Walsch is a modern-day spiritual messenger whose work has touched the lives of millions. In the latter half, he recounted the history of his "conversations with God," and shared examples of his direct communication with the divine. We all have the ability to speak with God at any time, he remarked, and while he heard a distinct voice, others may experience such communications in different ways. When he first heard this voice, he was shocked by some of the pronouncements like 'there is no such thing as the Ten Commandments,' 'there is no such thing as right or wrong,' and 'there are no victims, and there are no villains in the world,' which were contradictory to what he'd been taught. He jotted these messages down on a yellow legal pad, which then became the basis for his first book.

One of the primary messages he has derived from the communications is that people have gotten God all wrong all these years. While many religions rightly point out that God exists, their dogma and doctrines often paint God as a judging, condemning, and punishing figure, in order to get people to follow their particular rules or edicts, he explained. According to Walsch's understanding, God does not punish humans with damnation for their behaviors, and there is no such place as hell. Rather, upon passing, souls encounter the consequences of their actions —good or bad— by feeling the direct experience of what others felt at the time of the behaviors.

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